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Premature ejaculation

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My amazing threesome

My amazing threesome   Isn’t it funny how life sometimes has a way of making you eat your words? Not that long ago, I wrote of the delights of doing couples bookings and how I often get asked to surprise the other person’s partner. Of course, I must sadly decline this request because the reality is, you don’t know what you are stepping into, and the darling husband or wife may not see a surprise escort visit in the same way as the instigator. Well recently I had a ‘surprise request’ with a

Anya Sonder

Anya Sonder

Premature ejaculation - my 2 cents

Premature Ejaculation   Hitting the ejector button to early is probably more common than you realise - especially if you are young, or its just been a while since you’ve had sex. Its a cause of worry for so many men and even if a guy does work up the courage to see his GP about it, it often gets brushed off or not adequately addressed. My recommendation: see an empathetic sex worker.   Many clients are worried about cumming to soon during a date. The anxiety alone can be enough to distract

Anya Sonder

Anya Sonder

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