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Bodyrotic – Nov 2009 - Tiffany

I have read the previous review of Tiffany and saw her in an intro a couple of weeks ago.   Sure enough, that night she was the hottest sweetest girl among the 6 available.   Just to be sure I asked if it was OK to touch her and possibly kiss her body. She looked at me with a confused expression, almost like 'duh? of course?'   She smiled and said yes but not 'down there'.     Well that's good enough for me. I booked her for 30 mins.   It took her a while to get back to me.   She p



Club 350 Chatswood - Mar 2009 - Angelina

Angelina is a uni student, 19, about 172 cm, 58kg, dark blonde hair?, shaved and concealed, blue/green eyes a bit like Bo Derek, her face below the eyes becomes a bit plain, cone shaped breasts and nipples. The only thing I enjoyed about Angelina was that her breasts reminded me of Brooke Shield's in Blue Lagoon. ( I can see a few of you oldies are jumping into the car to Chatswood just to have a taste of Blue Lagoon...haha)   She was the first RnT girl I've met that actually gasped when I l



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