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Annabelle's Journey towards Self fulfillment

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A Diary of a a Sexual Deviant

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"Hiring a sex professional is the same as hiring any other professional, like a doctor, lawyer, or auto mechanic. You pay them money for a service. It doesn't matter what the service is: if you're nice to the professional, you generally get a better result than if you aren't. I treat sex professionals the same way I treat other professionals I hire. And like other professionals in my life, these women treat me as a valued customer and may even become friends of mine. They look forward to seeing



Every girl with a cheap fetish beginners kit is suddenly a Dominatrix & why I will never label myself as one

I'll firstly start by saying in no way is this directed and anyone individually but more of a observation i've made over the past few years and seen first hand in brothels.   Secondly, whatever is said here is my personal opinion and if you're offended by this it isn't my problem, but perhaps something you need to look in to yourself as to why exactly you are offended by this?   Now, to start this I need to first take you back to the year 2013 and my first interaction with BDSM....   ..to



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