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Sasha Croft's Bucket List

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About this blog

I'm your average 21 year old girl. I love concerts, cocktails and causing a bit of chaos here and there.

Don't get me wrong, I have the stock standard goals; Bali, Bondi apartment & shoes!

When I tell you, you’ll probably smile, thinking I’m kidding. I’m not and I need your help.


Bucket List

1) To be dressed in nothing but my high heels, looking out into my courtyard, wind cold stiffening my nipples, while you kneel, out of sight, slowly tracing your tongue between my toned thighs, teasing me, stopping only to tell me “call my name when you cum.”


2)To slide my hand up the leg of a suited stranger in a quiet restaurant, telling him unpausing “I’m not wearing any panties.” Before he checks, thoroughly leaving me hungry for more.

3)Having my cotton panties stuffed my mouth while you tell me how I remind you of that girl down the street, with the perfect ass, and all ways you’ll have me, thinking about her.


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Bucket List Item #004

Have you ever wanted to fuck in an elevator?  Backseat of a limo? On a public beach?   Well tell me all about it because I have a bucket list item I need assistance with.  I want to be fucked in my tiny little courtyard, looking out at all my neighbors, smiling. Want to help me out?   My incall is in the charming Pyrmont and I promise to charm you. 



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