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So I contacted a TS Ruby a couple of days ago, she asked me if I was legit & if I could send her $50 as a trust pact.

I did on the condition if I had to cancel with enough notice that night she would refund, she said she would & had an honest reputation etc etc.

Well due to personal set back I had to cancel but she took the $ 50 & hasn’t refunded. Any thoughts?..


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How desperate & low can you get

So I contacted a massage TS worker by name of Ruby. I asked her for what she did & didn’t do etc & explaining what I wanted. She then asked as a pact of trust could I send $50 as to confirm I wasn’t wasting her time on phone. I was hesitant at first, but having asked her if it would be refunded if I had to cancel booking later, she said “yes I have built a long honest network of clients & I’m here for the long run blah blah blah” ok so I did send & all seemed fine, bu

Mick Denovo

Mick Denovo

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