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Rockhampton escorts

A word of caution. Most of the Rockhampton escorts on the E&B site are fake, including the verified ones. If the say they are at the Hampton Villa, Fitzroy,  Z motels, they are fake profiles.  Don't be surprised if you book an escort in Rockhampton thinking you booked with a young Australian woman and find a very old Asian woman at the motel room door! Also, there are scammers on the Rocky Locanto escort site who do the "downpayment" scam. The fake escort asks the client to make a small deposit. The fake escort then asks for more money for the address or when you show up they will ghost you. They usually try and get you to pay the full amount before you see them. There are some legitimate escorts who require a small downpayment but all the "downpayment" ads on Locanto are scams. I did it once and when I refused to pay more, the "escort" threatened to post my details on the web and around town!  

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Rockhampton Scam Escorts

Be careful in Rockhampton. Many of the escorts on E&B are bait and switch Asians. Some run multiple ads for the same escort and they are all different! Also many of them are "verified". They switch out the escort once verified. And stay away from Rockhampton Locanto. There are several scammers that will ask for a small "down payment" and then ask for the full amount before you arrive. When the client arrives at the address, no one is there. One tried to blackmail me when I refused to pay mor


Skookiwi in Escort scams

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