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The Legendary Christina McQueen



Wednesday 12th October 2011 – 11:30am to xx:xxpm


Having lost Kelly Martyn to her personal commitments and New Zealand, I have been on the lookout for a replacement that I could see on a regular basis. I may just have found this person!


I hadn’t see Christine McQueen for about a year + so it was time to revisit. I emailed her a week ago requesting an appointment and more info about her Porn Star service. Thinking that her normal services are already way over and above a normal meeting, the PS service could be something for me! I received a reply from her PA with all the details of the PS service and confirmation of our meeting.


I arrived at the hotel she was using on time, took the elevators to the 9th floor and knocked on the door... A magnificent Christine opened the door with a smile and asked me to come inside... A kiss while she closed the door and an offer of something to drink before the games begin... We made small talk while the finances were handed over and I started to get undressed. In for a cleansing shower, as she put it but I was out within a few minutes.


As I slid the bathroom doors open to move in to the bedroom, Christine was on the bed, dressed in a pink negligee, which she mentioned dated back to the days she danced the ballet... More deep French kissing, she then proceeded to move down towards my penis. I was standing at the side of the bed, she was on all fours on the bed, her ass in the air, I could make out the contour of her body, tanned all over, black hair to the side giving me a beautiful view of her lips siding over my penis. A few deep throat attempts, which I realised later she was very capable of doing but on all fours, a bit difficult. She went on sucking me for what seemed like hours, moving her hands up over my chest then down my arms to hold my hand as her head moved backwards and forwards over my penis... She pulled back and lay on her back in the middle of the bed, still smiling, she pulled me by the hand towards her and gave my head a small kiss before I climbed on the bed and started kissing her again.


Moving from her lips to her breasts, I sucked on her nipples one at a time and between each nipple suck, I moved to her lips where she pushed her tongue between my lips and then moved it back inside her mouth so I would come in after it, I then moved to the other nipple, sucked on it till it became hard and Christine started moaning, her hands on either side of my face, she moved my head between nipples and her mouth until she decided it was time for me to move between her legs.


Sliding her tight pink negligee down over her breasts, her hips and legs, she lifted her right foot and placed her toe over my lips and moved it from one side to the other, my tongue moved out to wet and taste her toe as it made its second sweep over my lips, still wearing a smile, she lowered her leg and pulled me gently towards her for another kiss, I moved from her lips to her breasts again, giving them the same amount of attention then slowly moving down towards her stomach and to the top of her pussy... Just a very small amount of hair at the very tip of her lips, I moved over her clit, down towards her vagina and then back to her clitoris again. Christine was giving me clear verbal and moaning directions as I touched the various sensitive spots of her body. She opened her pussy with both hands on either side and invited me to go deeper with my tongue. I kissed and sucked her for as long as I could, she moved her hips higher on one of my tongue trips south which caused me to go over her asshole, I felt her push out when I touched her there, so proceeded to move up a bit and went down towards her ass and again, a moan and pushing out, she told me she loved this as it was so naughty... I decided to get even naughtier with the blessings of this lady who opened up a bit more for me as her hands had now moved slightly down, on both cheeks... Quality time spent between Christine’s legs, going down on her pussy and being invited to attend to her asshole as a treat... Moving back up towards her face, she grabbed my head and deep French kissed me some more.


While we were kissing, my penis was resting between her legs, pressed against her vagina... She moved her hand between us towards my penis, which I thought she was going to move so that I was not touching her, I moved slightly back to give her room and to break contact, she proceeded to grab the base of my penis, masturbate me while pulling me towards her, as I touched her vagina, she moved my penis over her vagina, from her clit the down towards her ass. I unlocked my lips from hers and leant back to admire the view; this was something to be seen... She lifted her legs up, opening her pussy a bit more and continued rubbing my cock over her clit, between her lips and down towards her ass, over and over... and over again... She looked up at me and then, out of the blue she said, I know you like this, am I right in saying you are the Outercourse man... I love it too... At which point, I realised I had this stupid permanent smile on my face, which made her smile. I lifted her legs a bit more and then went to work over her pussy... She leaned over for some lube and as the sliding took another turn, I placed her hand over my penis, pressed it down a bit and moved even quicker, sliding over her lips. From time to time, I would stop just over the opening of her vagina and make very small backwards and forwards movements, just at the opening of her hole, the feeling is something very very different and by her moans and the pressure she was putting over my penis, she was enjoying every minute of it... We moved around so she came on top of me, positioning her pussy over my penis, she moved backwards and forwards, slowly at first, gathering speed until I had no fucking idea what was happening. She turned around and sat on me again, on every forward movement, my penis would move up over her pussy and slide over her ass, as she moved back towards my face, my penis would slide back between her pussy lips to her clit, she moved over me like this for ages, the view of her asshole and her vagina moving over my penis was getting a bit too much, I mentioned that things were starting to happen to me and she said she wanted this to last a bit longer, was it OK if she stayed there but moved slowly... ! It wasn’t just the feeling of Christine McQueen’s bare pussy rubbing against the tip of my bare penis that was the only problem, it was also the view, this lady has the cutest asshole and pussy package I have seen, now combine that with bare flesh rubbing against each other, added with the fact that the lady is very much enjoying what she’s doing, is enough to bring any Wiseman to tears... It was not working, the slowly movement, the fact that she turned around to look at me with her hair in her face, her pussy and ass and my between her lips was way too much, so I asked her where she wanted me to come... I want you to come where you are, she said... And that was all I needed to start ejaculating, Christine kept on moving very slowly and positioned herself so that my head was exactly over her vagina when I came and came and thought I wouldn’t stop coming... When I stopped coming, she stayed where she was over my penis, semen everywhere over my penis and her vagina, she glanced back towards me and said, now that was nice but I couldn’t talk...


We stayed on the bed for a bit talking about her, her future plans, the good advertising and the recent advertising until I realised it was time for me to make a move...


I eventually got dressed after she told me it would be hot to attend my meeting with her DNA all over my penis. Which I have to say it was... Still is...!


Having a great time goes without saying, quite an amazing, down to earth person and yes, she is very beautiful, which doesn’t help when one is trying to control oneself...


What a meeting, one of my very bests...

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Thank you for sharing this Wiseman. I must say CMQ is a very sexy lady in bed.....especially her eyes....she can hypnotize you with that look !....though I haven't seen her at least 3 or 4 years. I kept reminiscing the days when she was not as popular as now and her incall was located near College Street .....that was a few years back !

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