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Sunday morning with Madison



I finally had my meeting with Madison last Sunday morning. We had been in communications for some time, trying to fit University time table with my working hours and in the end, Madison mentioned that the weekend was better for her, so we decided on Sunday. It was worth the wait…


Sunday morning strolls up and I make my way to the city for my long awaited meeting… I take the lift to the usual floor, knock on the familiar door, but what a surprise when this tall, beautiful looking, short blonde haired girl opens the door and with a smile, invites me in… In the small living room, sitting on the couch, we awkwardly move around, slip glances at each other, me stunned at the person sitting next to me, her, I presume, a bit embarrassed by my attitude… I have to explain, I wasn’t expecting her to be so young, and so beautiful… Which I presume must have started melting the ice and we started small conversation, very small conversation…


"So, you’re THE Madison, finally we meet…"

"Yes, and you are the mysterious Wiseman…"


"Hmmm" she mumbles and asks me if I want to shower…


Out of the shower, Madison greets me again in the room, in a beautiful beige camisole and matching G-string, long legs dressed in fishnet stockings and high heel shoes, what a sight, we kiss, and our hands move over our bodies, her skin feels very soft, she has her hair tied up, and she’s looking so beautiful, we move towards the bed, I reach behind her and start undoing the long line of tiny hooks, it folds to her waist exposing an even more beautiful pair of breasts with pink nipples. She pulls me towards her and pushes me on the bed for some more kissing and caressing. To say that Madison loves to suck, is an understatement, the lady does it with passion, she loves deep throat, so much so that, each time she pulls up, she looked at me with a smile, I have never had someone perform deep throat like this lady does, she goes all the way down, and holds it, I can feel her throat closing around the head of my penis before she slowly goes up again, looks at me and asks if I liked that…. It seemed like she couldn’t get enough of it and really enjoyed going down on me. I had to pull her off my penis after what seemed like a long time so that I could go down on her and that in itself was a whole different experience… I believe the mere fact of having someone make the move towards her vagina, excites her, she started moaning and her breathing changed even before my lips touched her vagina, I tried to return the favour as best I could, there was no way I could match what she had put me through… So she decided to move to her vibrator… Great, beautiful girl, perfect body giving me a toy show, inches from my face… I watched and participated as best I could, not wanting to ruin her pleasure time but she asked me to hold and move it, it was a massive thing, also known as The Rabbit… Great fun, huge orgasm… I watched in amazement as she manipulated this domesticated rotating animal over her clitoris, then inserted the head half way inside her so the rabbit ears were exactly on her clit. What a sight, watching her vagina swell slightly as the feeling became greater, I held it inside her and made sure it was vibrating on each side of her clitoris until she started having her orgasm and grabbed my hand to make sure I wouldn’t pull it out… I took it out, looked at her, she had a smile on her face and told me she had a wonderful orgasm…


Feeling very sensitive, like some ladies do, she turns around and starts sucking me again for the second round… After about 5 minutes, I was as hard as a rock, she was feeling horny again, we start in the missionary position, nothing like having legs on each side of my head, my penis deep inside her, she’s staring into my eyes and I’m moving in and out of a very beautiful and horny lady… She wants to switch over and I’m staring at her ass, she positions me inside her again and I start my movements again, she grabs the vibrator again and positions it in a way where it’s vibrating against her clit and also against my balls and base of my penis, I realise then that this will not last long and I can also feel and hear her start to breath and moan louder, after a short period of time, I presume she realizes that I am about to come and starts moving faster and faster until she starts having another orgasm at the same time I explode…


We lay back on the bed exhausted, I wrap the condom in a neat little bundle and we clean up. I lost track of time as we started talking about what she was studying, her work, my work, hobbies and… of all people, the Tax man…


In my opinion, Madison is the perfect long appointment companion, she has a great sense of humor, excellent conversation on any subject, and my god she’s got the looks! Because of her private commitments, she may not be readily available but … worth the wait!


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