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Natasha, Private Escort



21 July 2010 - 2:30pm


I had been in touch with Natasha for weeks, talking about her services, a time to meet, my requests and finaly we organised to meet on Wednesday 21st!


Natasha hails from one of the Eastern European countries, formally attached to the good old USSR... She has a working apartment in the city and at 2:15pm, I made my way to the meeting...


Long blonde hair, I believe in her early 30s, 5'8" as a matter of fact, the site below will give much more details about her and her services!


We spent the best part of the meeting in foreplay, a lot of sensual rubbing, kissing, caressing and bbbj, she loves it, can't get enough of it... but I also realised that she was more interested in me rubbing my penis over her vagina, to the point where, I actually had to stop her and mention that we should probably cover up and have some sex! She seemed to enjoy that more than the sex act itself where when we did eventually have sex, it must have lasted for 10 minutes max, and finished when I indicated that it may be time for me to cum, she ripped the condom off and let me cum while going down on me!


Natasha is a beautiful girl, very talented in oral, and anything foreplay but I was a bit disappointed in her presentation and other small points!


Won't be back and can't say that I would recommend her!




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