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Monday with Kelly Martyn



I bumped into Kelly Martyn over the internet about a week ago, and while we were catching up, we realised that it had been 5 months since our last meeting, therefore time to organise another!


Classical phrase now… What can I say about a meeting with Kelly Martyn, which hasn’t already been said before? Well, here it is:-


For those who have had the pleasures of Kelly Martyn, what comes next will be of no surprise… Kelly is a high class escort, top of the range in the profession and no wonder she forms part of the Six Star Models!


I arrived at her apartment for a 2 hour appointment at 2:00pm.… Kelly opened the door and as I had mentioned in my email, she was wearing her famous white dress, beautiful open high heel shoes, delectable toes with dark red nail polish and that smile she carries around to make the moment just right!


“Hello there, nice to see you again, wine, beer, water”

‘Hello there to you too… All three will do thanks!” I replied.


We settle on the couch, Sydney CBD at our feet and Kelly embarks on various conversations about the weather, business, cars, our iPhones, then we move to her preferred subject… Tools! The latest power drills, things I haven’t even heard of, she can handle and handles them well! While all this is happening, I am concentrating hard not to focus on her beautiful legs, that small dress, which constantly falls open every time she moves to explain something and those perfect breast with erect nipples… After our second glass of everything, she moves to face me and slightly opens her legs… Kelly never wears underwear; I can see her vagina clearly and pleased to see that she still keeps that small landing strip, which shows the way!


After a while, her hands start touching mine in a more intimate way, she moves them over my knees, down between my legs and, starts stroking my penis, which by this time, is very hard and straining against my pants! She looks up at me, smiles and starts removing her dress, then the shoes come off, the necklace and moves back further into the couch, forcing me to my knees! Kelly is naked on the couch, ankles on my shoulders and she starts touching herself, she moves over to get some cream from a small table and spreads it over her breast, brings her legs up, and massages her feet, and places them back on my shoulders, more cream, this time for her vagina, she massages herself while looking at me with those big green eyes, she’s got that wicked smile on her face and asks me to get undress… I get as far as opening my pants, pulling my underwear down, she smiles and says, god I love seeing a penis grow in my hand, but much prefer feeling it getting hard in my mouth and proceeds to bend over and starts licking the tip of my penis! She slides on her side and offers me her ass, I place some cream on my hand and from the small of her back, I slowly move down towards her vagina, passing over her ass, the opening of her vagina, where I let a finger slide in, then two, she moans and I move back up again. She moves from the couch to the floor, getting me to stand, she is kneeling in front of me and grabs my hips. She looks up at me and with the head of my penis inside her mouth, she starts moving her tongue just under my head, front right to left, faster and faster, then slowly she moves down my penis and I’m watching it disappear inside her mouth and down her throat… Her nose is flush against my skin, pulling me in further, I start loosing balance and step backwards, when my penis slides out. She slowly moves forward again, and again my penis moves all the way in her mouth and touches her throat and she pulls back again, I’m not sure how much more of Deep Throat from Kelly Martyn I can take… She moves back to the couch, drags me down and I’m back on my knees, she grabs my penis and starts rubbing the head against the opening of her vagina, up and down, sideways, back up to her clit, I hold her vagina lips open, Kelly is wide open inches from my hard penis, she moves my head over her clit, faster and faster, then she stops, stares at me and I notice that the tip of my penis is just between her vagina lips… I look up at her and moan, she smiles and say, “So close… Sorry to be a tease, I just love the feeling!” and goes back to rubbing my penis over her clit…


I push Kelly back and lift her legs over my shoulders, and slowly move down to her vagina. Kelly is spreading her lips apart with her fingers, giving me access to her opening, I move my tongue over the outside of her vagina, from top to bottom, then straight down the middle to her clit, I stay there, moving my tongue up and down and then close my lips around her clit, sucking it in and out while flicking my tongue over the top, she starts moaning louder and louder, her legs start squeezing my head and she has an orgasm…


I stand up, my penis at 90 degrees, never seen it as hard as this before, mind you, the reason is very simple and sitting in front of me, legs spread, smiling after her orgasm… She grabs a condom and slides it over my penis with her mouth… Again., all the way down her throat… I go back on my knees to have a taste of Kelly’s post-orgasm vagina, then move her hips to the end of the couch, where she’s now lying down, I slide my penis inside her slowly, and move all the way in, she starts smiling again and tells me how good it feels, she asks me not to move, she wants to feel me all the way inside her, before we start, I pull out then drive myself all the way inside her and pull back until I’m completely out, then all the way back inside… The pace picks up, Kelly meets every movement I do and she starts moaning louder and louder, her movements become faster and as I push in deep, she squeezes my arms, lifts her head off the couch and our lips meet in a passionate kiss, our tongues going in and out, deep inside our mouths, and she has another orgasm…


I pull out of her and remove the condom, tell her I believe the time has come… She smiles at me, asking me where I would like to come… I bring my finger to her lips, she parts them, sucking it in slowly then says, nice choice… I lie down on the couch, she gets between my legs and starts giving me a very sensual, deep throat blowjob, she goes all the way down and holds me there, concerned about not knowing if I should come while she deep-throating me or not, I slowly pull her up, she licks me, she sucks me, she puts my penis in her mouth again and starts moving up and down, very quickly and I realise that I am going to come… I let Kelly know between moans, gasps and grabbing her face that I am about to give her a mouthful of come if she doesn’t pull off, and to my big joy and relief, she takes even more of my penis in her mouth as I blow a huge amount of come in her mouth… My head is up, I’m watching Kelly as she receives my orgasm, not a drop is lost, she moans as I fill her mouth and then she pulls up, swallows and gives me a smile!


I collapse, completely spent, exhausted, out of breath and already thinking about the next meeting, Kelly moves to my side, I put my arm around her, her head on my chest and we has a quiet rest. We must have dozed off for a few minutes because we both jumped at the sound of her phone ringing. We stay in each others arms for another couple of minutes, then I reluctantly tell Kelly, I need to get back to the office… We organise the next meeting in December, a threesome for January and I thank her for the best time to date… 4 meetings with Kelly this year, all different from each other… I arrived at 2:00pm, left her apartment well after 4:00…


What can I say apart from, really looking forward to our next meeting!


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