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Michella from Private Girls...



Tuesday 27th September 2011, 11:00am to 12:00 noon – Cancelled at 5past 12:00 (while in the hotel lobby)

Rescheduled for 1:00 to 2:00pm – Cancelled 30 minutes before the meeting

Rescheduled for 3:00 to 4:00pm


Michella is from Latvia, unfortunately out of xxxx words in the English language, she only understood 10, which made communication very difficult because she was misunderstanding every word I said and when not misunderstanding me, she would ask me to repeat myself...


The Pros...


One of the most beautiful girls I have ever met... Let alone seen nude.


A close to perfect body which I would say is a size 6 but not a skinny size six.


Very very beautiful breasts. My, they were very small, pointy nipples, perfectly formed.


Beautiful legs and feet, the girl obviously looks after her skin, face, hair and feet.


he Cons...


Services Available


Affectionate Kissing - There was no kissing what so ever. I asked and she misunderstood me 3 times, so I gave up!


Cuddling and Touching – Not enough. She seemed to not know what to do with her body when lying next to me before we started… She kept very straight, arms by her side looking at the ceiling.


Mutual French – Let’s label this Natural French… One of the worst blow jobs ever… TEETH, TEETH, TEETH everywhere… To the point where I had to ask her to stop because I was concerned that I would start bleeding!


Light Bondage – Didn’t take this option up, I think there was enough pain during the blow job.


Striptease – Nope!


Head & Foot Massage – I asked for a massage when I arrived, I thought it would cool things down, put everybody at ease. She started rubbing my stomach and legs up, no oil or cream and I could feel the hair on my chest and legs start knotting up. I asked her to stop!

Shower for Two – Nope, I had a shower when I arrived, there were 3 towels on the floor and 2 were hanging. All towels were soaking wet. Following from that, when I arrived in the room, took the towel off and moved towards the bed, I could not find a dry place on that bed… Wet patches everywhere… I checked to make sure it was water (don’t ask how!) and dove in…




Passion Kissing – Nope, none of that.


Sexy Lingerie – Yes, that was correct.


Variety of Positions – I had to ask a few times to change from missionary to doggie and when in doggie, she kept her legs closed and didn’t seem to feel too comfortable.


Crossdressing – Nope didn’t go there.


Mutual Masturbation – Yes. She does give a wonderful hand job, which I asked her to do to end the meeting.


CIF – It’s here on her services available but told me she didn’t so that! Go figure.


Costumes and Role Play – Huh? Nope, none of that too.


CIM – Again, it’s here on her services available but told me she didn’t so that! Go figure.


COB – Yep, as I consider her hands part of her body.


GFE – Oh God, nope there was certainly none of that happening.


DFK – Certainly not! Tried but didn’t get close to her lips… So in order to have DFK would have been an expedition I reckon.

overnight stay – Based on my hour, that would be suicidal!


Foot fetishes – Ahhh… The lady had beautifully looked after legs and toes and feet, unfortunately, I feared rejection so just had a glance fantasized but that was all…


PSE – Again, that is on the list but not on offer.


To sum it up? What a waste! This girls is so beautiful and sexy, she could have guys eating out of her hands, let alone kissing her feet... Obviously came over from Latvia to make some money sleeping with a few guys to pay for the Australian holiday, she’s here with a friend, also advertises on PG and other places... But has no idea what to do, none what so ever. She actually told me while on the bed, that I needed to tell her what I wanted because she couldn’t read my mind! Say what now?


What a shame.




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