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Madison Meets Kelly Martyn!



It wasn’t hard getting Madison to agree to a threesome with me and another favourite of mine, Kelly Martyn… Madison was quick to let me know that she loved the company of women, therefore Kelly Martyn seemed the most appropriate person, I sent her details about Kelly, her website and on each meeting with Madison, I would tell her about my meetings with Kelly. It must have done something to Madison, because her text messages became more and more frequent and each one about Kelly was more and more explicit… We would talk about scenarios to put into practice when the meeting day arrived…


I would be fucking Kelly while she would be licking her pussy, we would then move to me fucking Madison while Kelly would be under us, licking her clit… The games would go on and get more and more exciting…


Confirmation of day and time with Kelly was as usual easy… And on the day, Madison and I agreed to meet at The Mantra then walk to the Brooklyn Hotel for pre-meeting drinks…


1:55pm Tuesday 25th May


I am sitting at the Mantra, minding my own business, reading the papers when I feel the presence of someone standing in front of me… I look up and wow, there stands Madison, dressed to kill in:


Black ‘Sass n Bide’ Jeans

Cream and black stripped shirt

Beautiful navy military jacket with red lining

Cream and Black heels


The lady looks like a million dollars, all dressed up, little pony tail and those beautiful, wide eyes Madison walks around with, yet another attribute which pushes this lady up front of so many others…


I stand, we kiss, we leave the Mantra and walk along George to The Brooklyn Hotel… We had 30 minutes to kill and I was going to kill it in great company. The conversation flowed, this part I keep to myself but I noticed that whilst the lady is a fairly cultured and can hold her own in a social environment, I can help but compare to the usual meetings I have with Madison, where conversation usually entails the shower, what I did up to now, how are the studies going, get your clothes off and the usual… Shit, that’s big today… Here we were having serious conversation on stock and rate exchange issues, the when to and when not to of the Market! After the second drink, I check my watch and we’re 5 minutes over… We gulp what’s left in our glasses down, I text Kelly and tell her, we are on our way…


We were both a bit nervous in the lift, I kept telling her how sexy and beautiful she was and was hoping that everything would go alright… I know on the door, the usual, just a minute comes back and we wait…


The door slowly opens and Kelly, looking as usual, magnificent… appears wearing a very short, summer dress, which left just that little bit to the imagination, her long legs standing in high heels, long brown hair, what can I say, I said hi, glanced over at Madison and I believe, I saw lust coming from all her pores, she was already making plans and working out positions for the rest of the afternoon… She walks in, greetings and presentations all around and we move to the living room, where 45 minutes later, there was going to be naked bodies and the smell of sex everywhere…


Glasses and glasses of wine later, Madison kept glancing over at me, I realised after, that she was waiting for me to make the first move, I stand and start getting undress, half way there, I decide to get Madison up and out of her clothes, Kelly stands also and we move together in this triangle and I watch as Kelly, with one flick, lets her clothes drop to the floor and kicks it out of the way, we get close together, and still chatting and joking, Kelly and I stat kissing, deep French Kissing, our tongues move around inside and out of our mouths and I let my hand move down to her breast, only to realise that Madison has the other breast in her hand and fondling her very erect nipple… Kelly, with a smile on her face moves back to my mouth and we go back to deep French kissing, she is now masturbating me while Madison moves her hand over my ass and goes exploring… I break the kiss and Kelly quickly moves to Madison and they start kissing… I move slightly back to have a better view, this is Epic, right? Madison Deep French Kissing Kelly Martyn, their mouths are wide open and each take turn sliding their tongues in the other’s mouth, then they start caressing each others tongues until their lips join again, and I can just imagine what’s happening, but by the movements of their cheeks and their throats, I’m guessing it’s fairly busy in there… My hand moves slowly down Kelly’s front to her pussy, I meet Madison there, she’s already playing with Kelly’s clit, which explains the moans coming from her from, when she breaks from Madison’s lips… That pussy taken, I move to Madison pussy, she’s slightly wet and slightly opens her legs to give me more access, my finger magically slips inside this familiar opening and a nice feeling of home comes to mind…


Madison has now moved down and is sucking on Kelly’s nipples, I’ve never seen then so long and hard,, I bend over and start sucking on the other nipple, it starts getting hard also, I flick my tongue over her nipple a couple of times and then go back to taking her nipple in my mouth and sucking hard… Kelly’s head is slightly bent backwards and I start licking her from her nipple all the way up to her throat and to her lips, where she opens her mouth and gets me to suck on her tongue, I have one hand on Kelly’s ass while the other in deep inside Madison, I move back to Kelly’s nipples and on my way down, I cross Madison making her way up to kiss Kelly again, who’s now moaning from the fingers Madison obviously has deep inside her pussy… We go back to a three way kissing until Madison breaks away and gets on her knees in front of me…


OK, up to know, this meeting has already exceeded my expectations… The alcohol, the nude bodies, the breasts, the lips moving from one person to the other, tongues everywhere, but I also quickly realise that this meeting was turning into a session which centred around Madison meeting Kelly Martyn, My part would have to be as an innocent bystander and I was not complaining!


Madison takes hold of my penis and starts sucking me, long deep sucks with the occasional deep throat, then pulling me out again, before catching her breath, while Kelly has her leg over my right arm, two of her fingers all the way inside her pussy, while she kisses me, hearing all the gagging noises makes her smile and look down to see Madison, nose against my pubic hair, my penis half way down to her lungs… Kelly goes down on her knees and they both start giggling… Madison informs Kelly that she is very good at deep throating; she takes my penis in her hand, looks at Kelly, and asks her to watch as she takes me all the way down her throat… She comes back up for air when Kelly informs her that she too is very good at deep throat and to watch her now, she takes me inside her mouth and I push in, all the way down Kelly’s throat, the same gagging noise and then pulls me out while taking a big breath… Fucking hell, I am being used for a Deep Throat Competition and as far as I know, they had both won… This little game went on for a while, each time one of them swallowed me the other would complement her and try to do better… After a while, they both closed in on me. I’m standing in the middle of the living room, Kelly on the right, Madison on the left, their lips touch around my penis and they started moving backwards and forwards, still complementing each other on the good team work, then back to sucking me at the same time, backwards and forwards, both ladies staring at each other… What a sight. I have my hands on each head, moving with them as they suck my penis, every so often, when they reach the tip of my penis, one of them would take my penis in their mouth, then pull out and go back to sucking me…


Kelly pulls away from me and sits on the floor, opens her legs and starts playing with her pussy… I can see Madison eyeing Kelly’s pussy and moves over in a semi 69 position and starts sucking her pussy…, I move down to have a better view of Madison’s tongue flicking over Kelly’s clit, She leans backwards to give more space and Madison gets comfortable. With two fingers, she opens Kelly’s pussy and licks her open vagina, pushing one finger inside her pussy, Madison goes back to work on her clit, licking on either side of her pussy, going faster and faster over her clit, while Kelly is now leaning back, one leg in my arm, her moans getting loader and loader with every fast flicking movement over her clit… They both slow down and move around, Madison, from between Kelly’s legs but Kelly turns around and presents’ me with her ass… I move down and stat kissing her cheeks, one at a time, one slowly after the other, then move between her cheeks to lightly kiss and lick her beautiful asshole, she moans lightly, gives me a yesssss, while Madison rolls a condom over my penis… I move forward and push myself inside her pussy, all the way in, while Madison moves forward and they start kissing and licking each other, I move in and out of Kelly, while Madison, on my left, offers me her ass and pussy to play with… I use some of Kelly’s lube on my hand and go back to playing with Madison’s pussy, I push one finger all the way inside and start slowly moving it around deep inside, while my other finger is slightly pressing against Madison’s asshole, with movement, lube and Madison pulling back on my finger, I slip the other finger inside her and slowly move them in and out of Madison, the thin separation between my fingers is so exciting, but decide to press things, with my movements becoming more erratic, Madison pushing and pulling her pussy over my finger faster and faster, I’m concerned I might her, so slowly pull out. Madison moans louder and louder, the ideal thing to do at this moment would be to pull out of Kelly and push into Madison while both ladies are on their knees, kissing… As soon as I pull out, Kelly turns around, pulls the condom off and swallows my penis again, taking me as deep as she can, which is all the way actually while Madison starts licking Kelly’s nipples, they go back to kissing each other, my penis gets some more double sucking and the occasional deep throat from both ladies, until Madison decides that she wants some more of Kelly’s pussy… She leaves my penis and moves down to lick Kelly’s pussy… Kelly moves sideways and lies down on the carpet, Madison slowly lifts her leg and they move together into the move beautiful position to girls can be in, a 69 with Madison on top of Kelly Martyn…


I move from one face to the other, looking very closely, capturing the moment, every lick, every flick of the tongue, from Madison licking Kelly’s pussy back up as close as possible to Kelly’s face while she has her tongue as far up Madison’s pussy as possible, I start rubbing my penis over Madison’s ass while masturbating and Kelly’s eyes are wide open staring at my penis, inches away from her mouth, I indicate that I am about to come, she moves up, away from Madisons’ pussy and opens her mouth, I put my penis in her mouth while still masturbating and all of a sudden, I feel this pressure building in my balls and my cum gushing out into Kelly’s mouth, over her lips and onto her breast, as I try and keep my balance and not collapse over both ladies, while Madison finishes with cleaning Kelly’s pussy, lapping all her juices, inside and over her clit…


Madison calls me and tells me to watch this… I turn around to see her on her hands and knees over Kelly, licking my cum from her breasts, while Kelly burst out laughing and tells me that she thinks that’s hot…! Indeed, how fucking hot!


We help each other clean up, I clean Kelly’s breasts from whatever’s left after Madison’s little licking episode, take turns to go to the bathroom, slowly get dress and while Kelly is in the bathroom, Madison puts her arms around my neck, gives me a big hug and kiss and whispers something very personal in my ear… Kelly walks in and catches the moment with a big smile on her face… What an excellent way to finish an excellent meeting with two beautiful, sexy Ladies…


Good Times…


As I reflect on the couple of hours spent in the company of these ladies, I can’t but try and summarise the moment as:


Organising a meeting with Madison and Kelly Martyn… 30 days

Drinks with Madison before the Epic meeting… 30 minutes

Continuous flow of cum while masturbating in Kelly’s mouth… 30 seconds

A 69, Madison on top, Kelly on the bottom… Priceless





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