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Lisa from BabyDoll-Lux – Singapore



Tuesday 17th May 2011, 10:00pm to 11:00pm


Babydoll-Lux is my preferred Agency in Singapore, and for many reasons. The girls are beautiful, the lady in charge takes her job seriously, and there has never been a mix-up in my bookings. The girls are discreet when they arrive at the hotel and I have been using them for a long time.


I always book for 2 hours but this time, I decided to organise a booking for only an hour, after meeting Lisa in the lobby, I instantly realised I had made a mistake!


I received a text message 20 minutes before the meeting time, informing me that Lisa was on her way and should be at the hotel on time. I got the room prepared and cleaned, got myself prepared and cleaned and at 5-to, went downstairs to greet her as soon as she arrived.


As I watched the various people walk in and out there were not too many blonde ladies around but as I had no idea what she really looked like, watched carefully for signs of long staring or someone sending a message as soon as they walked in the hotel... And all of a sudden, Lisa appeared... Long flowing light purple dress, high heels, no bra and no panties, which I pleasantly discovered while I slipped her dress off in my room, she looked 5’5”, a cute little blonde with blue eyes, in her late 20s, what a sight.


As soon as she sat down, I received a text informing me that Lisa had arrived and was waiting for me... I got up, walked towards her and as I approached, she turned, looked at me with a smile and said hi, that’s when I cursed myself for booking her for only 1 short hour. I introduced myself and asked her if she wanted to go up to my room or have a drink at the bar first, she opted for the room... We walked hand in hand towards the lift and I noticed how she was turning heads, couples and guys, going to the bar and back to their rooms were looking at her walk pass them. The lift door closed behind us and as I slid the card in the slot and pressed my level, Lisa had moved closer to me and had put her hand on my shoulder, turning me she gave me a taste of what was to come... One hand stroking my penis, the other hand on my arm and her tongue in my mouth, we rode the lift to the 28th floor.


As I opened my room to let her in, she went straight to the window which overlooks the city of Singapore, took her heels off and turned towards me. There was more kissing, more passionate this time and the stroking had become more vigorous and her breathing louder, my jeans dropped to the floor and she smiled as she noticed that I was going commando, just like her she mentioned, I try and go without as much as I can, she said... Off came the dress as she went down on her knees to kiss and lick my penis, curtains open behind her, I couldn’t help but wonder if anybody from either the Marina Mandarin or Pan Pacific hotels were having an eye full...


Lisa loves giving head, she made it very clear to me that a big part of our meeting was going to happen with my penis in her mouth, she went down on me like a pro, kissing and liking the head of my penis to then move down my penis all the way to my balls, I couldn’t believe she was able to take my whole penis down her throat, no gagging, no coughing, just licking very quickly and then down she went so that her nose would touch my stomach, she then looked up at me and said, I have an idea, climb on the bed, which I did, move further up, which I did again, she then proceeded to open my legs as wide as she could, exposing my penis, my balls and my ass... She looked at me and came up to give me a long kiss, flicking her tongue in my mouth, shoving it as far in as she could into my mouth and then moved slowly down my body, licked my nipples, down to my belly button and straight to my penis, moving up and down very quickly with twisting hand movement and a lot of saliva, I nearly ejaculated there and then and had to signal that I was about to come just as she stopped and moved to my balls, one after the other, licking them, sucking them and moving back up to my penis, again, very quick movements with hand motion and deep sucking the head of my penis, I thought this time I would surely explode but she managed to squeeze just below the head with her lips and I believe some teeth to calm me down, then back to my balls and then slowly towards my asshole, she licked me from top to bottom, both my cheeks in her hands, Lisa was loving every minute of this. She moved back up to kiss me and as she laid flat on me kissing and sucking my tongue, I caressed her ass, my finger moving between her cheeks as she moved her pelvis up and down my penis. She stood up, found a condom and rolled it down my penis, sitting up, she slowly lowered herself over my penis, I could feel myself moving slowly up her vagina, her eyes closed, mouth opened and she let out a small moan as my penis went as far as it could inside this beautiful lady. She rested her knees on either sides of my body, leaned forward to kiss me as she raised and lowered her hips, moving my penis out and then all the way back in. We did this for a very short time, until she said, fuck this, moved up, pulled the condom off and rubbed herself over my penis while moaning and grinding into me... We changed position, so that I was on top of her, she gave me some more deep throat service then pushed me down for some more rubbing and asked me to cum on her stomach.


We laid down on the bed huffing and puffing until that annoying little beep beep from her friend reminded her that it was time to say goodnight... She moved to the bathroom to clean up, asked me to accompany her downstairs to a taxi. A kiss goodnight and thank you for a wonderful time later, Lisa climbed inside a cab. Walking back inside, my old friend Amid the doorman acknowledged my excellent taste with a toothless smile and a sort of wink... Or was it the rolled up notes I handed him earlier that afternoon to thank him for his usual discretion!


I highly recommend BabyDoll-Lux for those who are not into brothels; so far, I have not had a bad experience.




These are as close as you will get to actual photos of Lisa... her hair was shorter when we met, she mentioned that while she was doing that shoot, she had an extension on... A very cute young girl which I will definitely see again later this year.






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