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Review - Layla Divine - Tuesday Morning in Layla...



Whilst on my travels over parts of beautiful Paris, she happened to mention that she was planning a trip to Melbourne and that her friend Layla would be taking residence! Funnily enough, I’ve always heard and have been witness to the fact that one lady will not pass her client on to another lady, for fear that he may migrate to the other lady and not return, but not Paris, I think she is so confident about her service that, recommending her client to a friend, is not a problem! ‘I can highly recommend Layla, you should book a meeting with this lady while I’m away’ I was told…


Soooo, as I usually do what I’m told, especially if the Lady in question is beautiful, sexy and… has my penis between her lips at that precise moment!


Send a PM to Layla, organised a meeting for Tuesday at 11:00am and over PM and text, we started joking about different things this lady intended doing to me, quite intriguing I must say…


The meeting was brought forward to Monday, then we decided to go back to Tuesday, same time… very easy to get to, buzzed the apartment and got in the lift!


The door opened and I stood there, looking at a very excited, beautiful blonde bombshell, beautiful smile, gorgeous body, loved her full figure, and I walked in. Knowing the apartment, I went straight to the living/bedroom and turned to catch Layla standing very close to me, our lips meet in a very passionate kiss, my hands started exploring her body, while she was also checking out what I had promised she would love!


I was handed a fluffy red towel and sent on my way to the bathroom… Back in the room, I catch site of Layla stretching herself out on the bed. She has a beautiful body, very erect nipples, which come to attention when they get kissed and licked, I would find out later and also beautiful legs, all the way to her nice feet and those black painted toes…. Ahhhh, black nail polish on beautiful toes… Anyway, I get on the bed next to her and we start kissing, deep passionate kissing, plenty of tongue twisting from my mouth then to hers, back to mine, our hands start moving around over each other, I caress her breasts and move slowly down toward her stomach and vagina, she’s got her hands all over me, I move between her legs and we get back to kissing. By this time, Layla’s got her hands around my penis, and she’s got a handful, she looks at me and indicates she wants me to get on by back next to her! She starts kissing me again, and slowly moves down my body, she kisses and licks my nipples, my stomach and gets between my legs and starts licking my balls, one at a time, she moves lower and starts licking and kissing in that very sensitive area, all the while she’s holding my penis and masturbating me… She moves her lips towards my penis and licks me, from the bottom all the way to the top, avoiding the actual act of going down on me, back down with her lips and all the way back up, after a short while, I hold her head in my hands and when she’s on the tip of my penis, I hold her there… She licks the tip and without any warning, goes all the way down my penis, I can feel the tip of my penis touching the back of her throat and her tongue moving from side to side, she goes up and all the way down again, and again… There’s something about watching a beautiful lady go down on you, It’s such an intimate act, uncovered penis, between lips belonging to a beautiful lady, Layla has perfected this art to the max, she’ll look up and stare at you while her tongue is out and sliding along your penis… We decide it’s time for me to go inside this lady, she looks at me with a cheeky smile and I get on top of the lady, I am now covered and ready to see how far I can take her, but more importantly, with all that has happened to me so far, I fear this journey might be short lived!


Layla is on her back, I am deep inside her and we are moving together, all my forward motions are matched with hers, I pull completely out while we are looking at each other, she knows I’m about to plunge deep inside her again, she closes her eyes, with a smile on her face, I understand that she is loving every second of this moment, I push back inside and her smile becomes a soft moan, I move back out again, eyes wide open, she stares at me again, I plunge back inside as far as I can without hurting the lady… We kiss, I lick and suck on each of her nipples, I move back on my knees to give her some breathing space, as we’re both very hot a perspiring… After about 15 minutes of deep penetration, we rest, I’m still deep inside her and we blow some air on each other to cool down… Cool down, that’s one thing which was definitely not on the agenda… I pick up the pace again and we start our little movements of pulling completely out and diving all the way in again, faster and faster until I feel this familiar little tingling sensation I have, which is a clear warning of things to come… I slowly pull out and turn her on her hands and knees… Layla’s legendary ass is now exposed for the taking, but I need some more deeper penetration first, I know that once I get the all clear for anal, it will be a question of minutes before everything comes crashing in… Back to more important thing… inside Layla! This time I know deep penetration will be very deep… We start moving again but Layla has a better idea, I stop moving and she starts backing on to me, faster and faster, then she starts turning her ass in a circular motion, I can feel different sensations and the dreaded tingling send me another warning… I grab her ass and hold it tight, I am now all the way inside her vagina and I slowly pull out and start rubbing myself against her ass, Layla rotates her ass while I’m holding on to my penis, the tip of which is clearly pressing against her opening, any indication from her of a no go, and I will pull away, nothing… She pushes back slowly at first, my penis head slips in, she moves backwards and forwards slowly to get the flow going, then, all of a sudden, she pushes back with a lot of force and I slip all the way inside her… I am now completely inside this wonderful lady’s ass and she drops her head on the pillow, moans and say, ’Fuck that feels nice.’ Considering where I am right now, there won’t be any possibility of ‘banging that ass’, I move slowly in and out, very slowly, pull all the way out, then sloooowly in again… I’m thinking I can do this for a couple more minutes, as long as Layla doesn’t have any ideas which will make me come instantly… The lady is actually enjoying the moment also, while I’m moving slowly in and out, I pass my fingers along her back, all the way to her neck, down on both sides back down to her ass, I realise that the end is near, I need to repent now or else… I move forward, kiss her on her neck, near her ears and tell her ‘I believe I need to come now!’ I pull gently out of her tight ass, remove the condom and lie on my back ready for my fate!


Layla moves between my legs, holds my penis and I get one of her best blow jobs… I can feel that there will be no stopping this lady when the time comes; I indicate that this is it, last chance to back away…. But she just accelerates her movement and I ejaculate with such force, I can hear her moaning and moving her hands even faster… I fear the worst when I regain my focus, what a mess I must have done on Paris’ bed… I look around, not a trace anywhere… All clean… I look at her, she pulls up, looks at me and say, ‘Got to get everything out, don’t we!’ And I collapse back on the bed, literally drained!


We lie down next to each other and start talking… We both realise that we have a lot in common and have shared a lot of the same past, having come from the same side of the world… But that part of my time with Layla I’d rather not share!


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