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Alahnna and Sarah - Neutral Bay



September 2008...


This may be a bit old, I'm throwing them in as they come!


I received a text message from Alahnna, informing me that Sarah, her long time threesome partner, was available Thursday at 1.30 in the afternoon. I was OK with the time and the day, didn’t have a choice actually, and didn’t want to cause any cancellations from one of the ladies. Sarah, I was told, was semi retired, and not taking any new clients. She worked one day a week and if we missed this opportunity, Alahnna couldn’t confirm another day.


Thursday arrived and I couldn’t wait for 1.30 to ring. Left the office at 1.00 and took the ferry to Luna Park and nervously walked up Northcliff Street, to Alahnna’s apartment. Rang the flat number and, as usual, played ‘catch the lift!’


Alahnna opened with her usual beautiful welcome smile and dressed in a very sexy blue dress, which when my eyes adjusted to the dim light of her entrance, revealed that she was naked underneath! She showed me in and I walked through the small corridor to her living room.


As I arrived in the living room, I was greeted by one of the most beautiful and sexy sights I have ever seen… There, in the middle of the room, was this gorgeous lady, just standing there in blue jeans, bare feet and topless… So the usual happened… Jaw dropped, sucked up the drool, tried to control the choking sensation with a small cough… then I was able to say ‘hi there’, which she replied, coming towards me and planting a juicy kiss smack on my lips, instant attraction, the following 2 hours had many promises in store. I would estimate Sarah to be in her late 30s, size 10, 5’8”, heavy round beautiful natural breasts, shoulder length straight brown hair and a beautiful smiling face. A really attractive MILF. We made small talk, Alahnna made the proper introductions, while I was trying to get undress for the compulsory shower.


Out of the shower, towel around my waist, I walk to the room. As I usually do in similar situations… I start praying to all the familiar and not so gods (I know… I tend to do this a lot, but considering whom I see, it might be understandable!) The towel gets ripped off and I get invited to jump in between them on the bed. By this time, both ladies are naked, both have very different bodies and I find myself much more attracted to ‘everything’ Sarah. We start kissing, Alahnna plays with my penis while we’re deep French kissing, Sarah joins in and starts kissing me at the same time, we’re now in a three way kissing situation, tongues are going everywhere, we suck each other’s tongues, lips, more lip to lip action, all the while I start (nicely) cursing the same gods, for giving me only two hands, while still asking them to help me stay on top of my game here… (I know it sounds like give, give, give) All of a sudden, Alahnna leaves us and starts kissing Sarah’s breasts, she concentrates on her very erect nipple and I decided to do the same on the other side, Sarah is on her back, Alahnna on one side, yours truly on the other, we madly suck on each nipple while fondling her breasts and I start my way south… Slowly kissing her body, her stomach, navel, top of her vagina, and then I dive in, Sarah uses her hands to open herself wide and indicates that she wants deep sucking, I can do that…and start really lapping her up, she seems to be loving it, until I realise that her sounds seem to be muffled by something, I look up and Alahnna in now in a 69 position on Sarah and with a huge smile on her face, inches from mine, comes down to join me with the licking and sucking of Sarah’s vagina. Now there isn’t enough room for both our heads and Sarah brings her hands behind her legs and lifts them up, exposing vagina and ass for all to take advantage… I have a thing for anal play and she has one of the cutest holes I’ve seen, I go for it. The muffled sounds coming from Sarah get louder and louder, this is great, she is about to have an orgasm, I have two girls going down on each other and Sarah is begging me to lick her ass. She starts lashing about, Alahnna is finding it hard to stay on top and I protect my face while Sarah becomes very wet and has long and strong orgasm…


I come up for air, and find Alahnna on her back and Sarah is sucking on one nipple! I’m there, close to her vagina, I start touching her, my finger plays with her clit, Alahnna is very sensible, when it comes to clit play, I wet my finger, play with her clitoris and slowly insert my finger, all the way in. She starts moaning, grabs my head and starts pulling up and down… Sarah takes a condom and hands it to me, she goes back to sucking nipples, from one to the other, I roll the condom on, get between her legs and slowly move inside Alahnna, when I’m all the way in, I move towards her mouth and we start DFK, Sarah gets in on this and again, we are in a three way kissing situation, I start moving in and out, Alahnna brings her legs up, her feet are now on my chest and I start pumping in and out, as fast but as comfortable as she can take it… Sarah gets behind me and starts licking my balls and I can feel her tongue going between Alahnna’s vagina and my penis. Alahnna shows signs of an approaching orgasm, thank god, not sure how long I would have been able to go on like this, she starts moaning and starts to come, she grabs me to stop me from moving any more as tends to get very sensible and prefers to have her orgasms without any movements, I stop and turn around to bring Sarah up and starts kissing her…


Alahnna has a powerful orgasm and I kiss her gently on the lips and slowly pull out… I feel Alahnna taking the condom off and putting a new one on, I push Sarah on her back and move inside her… She has magnificent eyes, just starring at me, I can come there and then, I start pushing in and pulling out, in and out, Alahnna is sucking on Sarah’s nipples, but as far as we’re concerned, there’s on Sarah and me… My thrusts get quicker and deeper, she grabs my ass and pulls me in on each forward stroke, I’m about to come and I let her know, I can’t hold on much longer and all of a sudden, I’m coming, Sarah starts grabs my head and tells me that she’s also coming, I keep pushing and pulling and she starts coming and keeps me deep inside her!


I stay there for short while, we kiss, I turn and kiss Alahnna, slowly pull out and roll on my back! I have both ladies on my sides and we are panting and trying to catch our breaths, the gods were to good to me, again and I can only smile…


Alahnna pulls the condom off , I’m sorry it’s all come to an end and we make small talk, as if we were old friends…


Alahnna moved overseas a month or so after and stayed away for a year, I asked her to talk to Sarah, as she wasn’t taking any new clients, Sarah agreed to adopt me and every Tuesday, for a year, I had the best sex of my life.


Regretfully, as mysteriously as Sarah appeared in my sex life, as mysteriously she disappeared. She has now retired! All those who’ve known Sarah will agree with me, a great loss to the punting world!


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