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Wiseman Cometh in Singapore - 1



A couple of days before my Singapore trip, I was surfing the independent Singapore Escort sites to come up with a playmate for myself and my friend K while in Singapore! The most adequate and easily contactable person I found was Alexandra from, PrincessDeluxe.com.


Many emails and text messages later… I needed to make sure that what we wanted in the service, she would deliver and in very bad written English, Alexandra assures me that my list of request is acceptable!


Tuesday morning finally rolls up and I send a text message confirming the hotel name 10:00pm and that I would be waiting at the bar…


The day goes by without any glitches, apart from the normal hassles of the office and extreme temperature while moving from office to restaurant for lunch, then drinks and then more drinks!


Back at the hotel later that afternoon, K and I move to the bar for a couple of drinks and eventually decide on an early dinner. We start making plans for the evening session, sitting in the restaurant with approximately 150 people around us, K very casually, starts describing in details, in very graphic details, everything she intends doing to this Russian Princess, the different positions she wants her to take, which would then allow her to lick this part of her pussy, while I am fucking her in this other position, then if we move to the far end of the bed and I make Alex sit on me, K can then stand in front of her, deep French kiss her while playing with her pussy, then she wanted to do a 69 with her, while I was inside her ass and she goes on and on, stopping just to put some food in her mouth, then all of a sudden, she looks at me… My jaw’s half way down to the top of the table, eyes wide open and I have this massive erection in my pants… I’m going commando, which means my penis is very visible to all, if I stand up! K looks at me, realizes what’s happening, she takes her shoe off and extents her legs so that her feet are now pressing and rubbing my penis under the table… She bursts out laughing, looks at me and says, Poor baby I made you all hard, haven’t I! Still not a word from me, but by now my jaw has gone back to it usual position… We finish dinner, gulp down the wine and she grabs my hand and says, let’s go for a quick fuck!


A quick fuck later, I’m dressed again and K is running a bath… Bath salts, bath ball, bath duck, and a book… I’m sitting on the side of the bath, we are sipping wine and time is ticking by…


It’s 10:05pm and my phone calls me…


Hello darlings, I have arrived! The text says… K’s still in the bath and while I take care of the last minute things, she’s getting out of the bath, ready for a couple of hours fun… I go downstairs and there, dressed in a short black dress, long blond hair, black stocking, is Princess Alexandra… She does look like a princess, smells like a princess and smiles like a princess… What an excellent choice, was my first thoughts!


Introductions done, I ask her if she wants to stay downstairs for a drink or come up for a more comfortable time and meet my friend K, she smiles again and says, let’s go upstairs…


This was the only part of the whole evening, which I was a bit concerned about… I use this hotel very very often, they know me, and my company and I didn’t want anybody from the hotel seeing me go up with a Russian lady, especially dressed like she was! Alexandra was very professional about the whole thing; she walked slightly in front of me, stood away from me while we waited for the lift and walked in as soon as the doors opened… I have to say, unless she was known by the staff, nobody would have known who she was or if the lady was with me!


I open the door and ask Alex to come in, K is standing in the room, in a very short dress also, like me, she’s also going commando and bare feet… introductions again, kisses all around and wine is poured into empty glasses… we all sit and start light conversation, where are you from, what do you do for a living, do you do this often, have you met anybody in this hotel before, then when I’m opening the second bottle of wine, I notice Alex moving towards K, her hands are on her legs, slowly moving up towards her pussy, I stop and watch, K moves forward and plants a light kiss on Alex’s lips, and she returns the kiss by slowly opening her mouth and I can see their tongues caressing each other, Alex’s hand opened is between K’s legs, playing with her pussy, the kissing becomes a bit more intense, hands start moving from between the legs to breasts, then they decide that there is definitely too much clothes in the picture! I’m still standing, now with only one glass left in my hands as I’ve already gulped down the other two but I love the view… As clothes are flying around the room, the last glass of wine emptied… Fuck this, I’m going in! I’m in the nude, moving towards the ladies who are now completely nude and they turn towards me and at the same time ask me for 15 minutes, just 15 minutes by themselves… The smile on their faces says it all, I’m sure I can wait 15 minutes... I get more wine, sit back and enjoy the entertainment…


They start off by kissing each other, slow at first, then deep French kissing, each other taking turns to suck on each others tongues, hands are everywhere, K has very small cute breasts but long erect nipples, Alex has large breasts, small nipples, they take turns bending down to suck on each others nipples while the other hand moves towards their asses then back up for a long kiss, slowly they move towards the oversized bed and climb up, K is on her back, Alex moves slowly into a 69 position, K’s legs are up and above Alex’s shoulders and very wide open,, she moves her tongue over her vagina, slowly over her clit then back down towards her opening and further down towards her asshole, Alex flicks her tongue over K’s asshole a couple a time and I can hear her start moaning, she then moves back towards her wide open vagina and rapidly starts to lick all around… By this time, K has lifted her head and met Alex’s licking movement for movement, up and down Alex’s vagina, dipping her tongue inside her wet pussy, back up towards her asshole and then back to her vagina…I fucking mentally timed 15 minutes, not a second more, while they were lashing around over the bed, moaning and groaning around, I was patiently sitting in my chair, a fucking pole in the place of my penis, waiting for them to have their 15minutes… I finally moved in for the kill…


Yes, unfortunately, safety first, I roll a mood killer on… and thinking back to the restaurant story, I position myself behind Alexandra and start playing with her vagina, inserting a finger slowly inside her, feeling my way inside a Russian lady, the language might not be the same, her vagina feels familiar… Just under my finger, my beautiful friend is have the time of her life, I bend down and give her a kiss, I go back up and slowly push in to Alex’s vagina, it is slightly different, slightly tighter and I start moving slowly in and pull out, K moves from her vagina to my balls, back to her vagina and as I pull out, she bends my penis and starts sucking me, then moves me back up to Alex’s vagina… we happily fuck away, literally, K’s got a smile on her face, Alex is moaning and on the two occasions I turned her face to lick K’s juices off her lips, she was smiling and as for me, I had a permanent smile on my face!


We move around where K is still on her back, bless her… I am between her legs, my penis deep inside her and Alex is sitting on K’s face, moving backwards and forwards over K’s lips, I grab her breasts, lick them, move from Alex’s huge breast, to K’s small erect nipples, up towards, Alex’s lips and we start kissing, then she starts licking me, my face, my lips, back to kissing, she then asks me to pull out of K, she wants to lick my penis and taste K’s juices on the ‘mood killer’, I oblige, move rapidly in and out of my little lady and the pull out, stand up and present my penis to Alex, she deep throats me and gags… We then move around and it’s Alex’s turn to be on the bottom, and the games starts again, more licking, deep penetration, moaning, groaning and me fucking like my life depended on it…


This went on for a whole two and a half hours… It was time for me to come, K was exhausted, Alex had been whispering in my ear that she wanted my cum in her mouth, and I was on the verge of passing out, so I settled back on the bed and both ladies started sucking me on either side… I knew that K was not into CIM but Alex was, so as they were sucking away, up and down, alternatively taking me all the way down their throat, I started building up my cum. I then started moaning the usual noises to warn one and all that mother nature was about to express herself, K pulled away as Alex took over, she started to deep throat me and putting a lot of pressure on the underside of my penis, I started coming, seeing white spots in a very dark world and realized that Alex was being the excellent lady and swallowing everything she could, keeping me clean of any escapees…


We all fell back on the bed, exhausted, spent, close to death, that was me… I was on my back, K on my right, head on my chest, Alex on my left, head on my shoulders, my arms on either side on those two beautiful ladies…


We slept for about 30minutes, deep sleep, heaving breathing… then I gently woke them up, we chatted a bit, moved to the shower and as Alex got dressed I realized how excellent this evening had turned out to be!


Slept like a baby till 9:00am…


Deep French Kissing

Natural Oral giving and receiving

CIM with swallow

Foot Fetish Play, rubbing, kissing, sucking, toes-R-us

Anal Sex

Anal Play

Penis/Vagina rubbing, touching all over without the mood killer

All the above with my friend K also


On Thursday, I have a meeting with a Ukraine lady called Diana…But that will be another story…


Alexandra - PrincessDeluxe.com.

Wiseman – I live here

Kay – She’s mine, can’t share her!

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