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The Sith List

Master Yoda


There is a list that is very close heart and my BIO HYDRAULIC little fella lol. This list has been posted in another public forum and an invite only forum there there is an extra entry to the list.


I call the the Sith List. As in the days when I was most active in punting and writing I often created a fansaty journey in my personal journal where I faced WLs as Sithlords for the sensuous and adventurous battles. The my favourite I put on this SITH LIST.


The latest entry to my Sith list was the start of this year after I visited the AMAZING Ava Valentine. I can't wait until I am inspired to add more to this list..........................



Monday 16th of January 2012. I, Yoda had 2 encounters that rewrites my Utmost fussy Sith List in the order magnificence:



- Miss Lillian Tan. Babe the heights and limits that you have shown me the outer boundaries of what pleasures exist at every level are never ending. Sharing first place with Lillian is Miss Ava Valentine, 2 years after we sat down for a conversation today we......................forget the artistic talk. My response to today is just OH MY FUCKEN GOD!!!!! smiley.gif


-Miss Petite Angelina of sexwa.net Where are you? You still have something that noone has. Miss you so much and hope that you are well babe smiley.gif


-Miss Stephanie Thank you so very much for all the amazing times that you seem to be able to create at any moment, any place, any time. Miss you. Come back soon smiley.gif


-PSE Vivian It is far and few when we get to meet these days baby. But everytime we do...... still feels like the first day we met. See ya soon.


-Sha Sha of Dream Lane. Could not even forget you if I tried baby. If you are still around let me know. Those days must be relived.


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