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From a time of the Vivian and Sha Sha obsession.

Master Yoda


Here's a piece I found in the archives that reminded me of some crazy months where my whole focus was about Vivian and Sha Sha. Both these ladies are still on the scene, but the golden awe stay in the days of the past I guess lol. I remember back then these 2 ladies were a weekly thing. I guess I'll havea lot to say about this era before I move on to another. But have a look at this and se if you can feel my obsession at the time.


And again, forgive the colourful Ralph magazine flavour of my words, this was a different time and was not originally intended for the eyes of ladies lol................


This crude piece was written Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:41 pm.


My fellow seekers


I feel I owe an up to date account for you all after this morning. I may write another epic story to go with this later. But for now, staying awake is a challenge. The only thing keeping me awake is the `woody' in my pants that is still firing off at any thought of my last few hours.


Originally my booking was at 10am. And this was booked for me by my friend the legendary, one and only DOCTOR46 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! He booked this for me with Viv in the background (that horny little hobbit is always there :lol: ). That was a funny moment, as I was in the supermarket WITH MY WIFE and Doc calls up about something I can't remember. Then I ask him to make me a Saturday booking and I say I want the earliest. But he said no, as he takes the earliest slot everyday. That way he can serve her breakfast in bed awwwwwwwwwwwww wink.png Very cheesy!! Oh I mean the toasty. Anyway, Viv jumps on the phone and says WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO SEE ME?


Fuck I jumped 10 metres as her fat voice boomed like a stereo speaker out of my phone. And my Mrs was next to me. I just said `yep, hmm hmm, ok. But she is a smart girl and asked if my Mrs was there and I said `YEP, that'll be fine, later'. And hung up. Phewwww.


Now, doc cancelled. So guess what, I got into the forbidden sacred time slot when these 2 love birds eat in bed and rub butter all over each other or something :P . But never the less, I got in the doc slot while doc was in town. So hey, dunno why but that was a buzz. Oh and did Yoda bring her some food? Yes and no. I brought her a 7 inch sausage that she had to return after eating it ohhhhh so welllll wink.png


Now for me, Vivian is the greatest in service (well ummm !?!?!?!?!). But moving forward. Everyone is different, I like the conversation with her most of all. Now don't get me wrong I have no interest in what Doc is pursuing, but this girl is whitty and honest, and fucken crude when she speaks her mind. I love spending time with this girl because it is stimulating (and not just my dick biggrin.png ). She is open about her work, some of her past, and is a real smart ass. If I pitch something at her, she is able to pitch back. That I find is lacking in some of the sweet little korean girls. She has personality. And the fun thing is that I'm serving her the attitude as well in amongst the fun. She is truly a worthy opponent and an excellent female buddy.


The strangest thing today was that after she sucked the life force out of the sausage, I just wanted to talk. So we talked, caressed, laughed, kissed, I drank a beer, we smoked ciggarettes, and insulted each other jokingly, and then laughed some more. That's right, she is such a good companion I rather just hang out this morning, didn't even play HIDE the sausage. The alarm went off and time was up, but whatever she was in the middle of showing me her latest photo shoot. And she asked me to pick out some good ones for her ad that I never seen before (fuck these photos were so hot, I could breath fire if I shoved them up the loading end). Then I went to shower, until she came along with her smart ass mouth and kicked me out for taking so long. I went back to the room got dressed, then she came back in. I asked if her next guy was outside, and she said not till later and invited me to hangout a while longer. I helped myself to a beer, smoke for a while talked some shit and then got up and left after a while. She kissed me at the door with the sweet virgin school girl look and that was end of round one.


Back in my car I gave a call to Sophia and identified myself. Without asking she just said Sha Sha is free. so I told her I was on my way. I went DL because I guess the battery in my might Sabre still had 3 bars left and I still wanted to battle. Got there and was greeted by the petite and delicate little Sha Sha. Sophia came a greeted me and he two of us walked down to Sha Sha's room with our arms around each other with Sha Sha following behind. Sophia said` this is my room and I'm working today', she was joking with me and that was fucken funny. I said ok baby, lets go!!!! she then covered her mouth laughed and walked out. What a sweet old lady smiley.gif


Sha Sha grabbed me a DFKed me right then and there, before I even reached for my wallet. We kissed a while before I payed her and she undressed me, hung up my clothes put a towel around me and asked me to shower. I said I wanted her to join me, she said `no, never'. But I insisted she come keep me company, and she did. Wish I did not thought, I wanted to take a piss in the shower, but did not want to do it while she was there. Plus the light saber was already in battle mode so I would have been pissing upwards. But never mind.


Back in the room it was kissing standing up till I put her down and wet her sensitive nipples while she giggled like Sailor Moon. Then I would blow on them, and push her firm breasts together so I lick both nipples at the same time and made her scream. Then DATY was nice, while I kept progressing with her other dark place, but still a work in progress at this stage. We then kissed some more till I turned over for some bbbj. Like last time she lifted my legs up and tongued out my hole big time, only this time better and deeper.


Happy, at the seekers gathering lunch you said that she complained my last review was not true, but she did exactly the same thing and said she had not read my post :mrgreen: So there biggrin.png Now I know you were just messing with me. Then the 25 minute bbbj began and I did not cum, so she jumped on. Mann!!!! this girl is like a vice grip, so tight. And seeing her on top with her lean trim body was such a treat and the money shot came soon after. She did not even dismount, I was hard again real soon (tell ya why later). we just carried on fucking. After a while I asked her to do a handy and bbbj combination, and I blew again. Then for the remaining time we love made love and kissed the whole time. When time was up I just left. a fourth pop for the morning was asking a bit much considering I stayed up all night. Even for Master Yoda, (that is why he needs a walking stick). I showered, then we kissing some more, and kissed all the way up to and me out the door.


So yeah, that was my morning, and I am just slamming a few crude words together. I'll write the full review later.

And the reason I saw the 2 greatest one after another and still let with a stiffy was because one of the veterans at the punters luch gave us all a magic pill. I still feel the magic in me.


So yeah, here is the cheap and nasty simple version.


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