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From: Private Escort - September 2012 - Callie Fell

Master Yoda


Hi :)


My writing is fantasy based on experiences. Something I enjoy very much. I am going to tread very carefully as I forever work hard to not talk from a place of ego. However I want to respond as I like your post. It's unsual to me to recieve an expression as such offered to me. You made me focus on the few things that drift around in my Vanilla Sky life that I often procrastinate to ponder on.


My friends...... One of my circle of dear friends are indeed guys and girls that are to do with the current topics. I love being around people that are non-judgemental on a lifestyle, profession, or indulgence that can be quite taboo to the general public. Why? because these people which may include yourself can discuss things outside of the norm. And offer persectives that can be shocking yet inspiring.



Forums.....The real birth of my regular punting habit was a few years ago in the days of the BC forums. Two passions crossed with one being beautiful women and the other writing. It was obsessive entertainment for me. Although in those days, my writing was a bit 'R' rated and often offended some ladies. As it goes, life has evolved, anal retention have devolved, yet my passion for words live on. I now engage in conversations with openminded people on Talkinsex about many topics. And recently joined here. I enjoy writing and contributing to other people's writing a lot.


Reviews..... I have a personal rules that impose on no one but myself is that I never write an account that did not happen. I have respectfully declined ladies in the past that asked me to write with the intention of generating attention for themselves. Some are well outside of my preference in playmates. And some have offered small gestures of currency. However I have never done that and I do not intend to.


My reviews are generally journal extracts. And thus can be a bit poetic to the ladies and wanky to some guys lol.


When I have an encounter that inspires me, I will write a review, sometimes lyrics, sometimes poetry that I keep in a journal. I do not post it all publicly. Sometimes I share it if its worth sharing and if its is not written about by many other gentlemen already. Times when I have a punt thats less than perfect, I move on and don;t think or write about it. No one is exempt from YMMV. Some people don't click. Sometimes ladies are having bad days, weeks, or years. And I chose to believe that it is unfair of me to write negatively as it is not always about me. In fact I had a booking where I respectfully walked out in 20 minutes because I did not want to be there anymore while paying for full time.


On this review which I felt very fortunate to be part of. I have no attachments to whether anyone acknowledges that the events were actual events. She is a wonderful girl and in fact I want to see her again soon. And if I am inspired to write I may post it again.


My apologies, this has evolved into an all about time post. However, all conversation is respected and welcomed. And also closing this page is probably a good thing if there are those who don't wish to read my post. YMMV applies to all contexts of my life. Even friendships of forums.


For now I wish to go and re-read a post on a lovely asian lady I met a couple of weeks ago. As she has been the highlight this fortnight :)




Source: Private Escort - September 2012 - Callie Fell


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