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20 July 2012 - Le Boudoir (Isabella) - Sizzling Hot Italian Lover




There are already four reviews of Isabella on PP so please indulge me as I make this the fifth.



It strikes me as something of an omission that as a seasoned Melbourne punter I have never darkened the door step of the fine old establishment known as Le Boudoir. Thanks to many fine punters on here, I have a bourgeoning “To Do” list and the establishment with the largest number of prospective WLs on the list is Le Boudoir with no less that 12 very strongly recommended ladies. Isabella was the fifth on the LB section of list but only because the names are alphabetical, yes I am a nerd. I like Dees no-nonsense reviews, he has good taste and I’ve had Isabella on the list since reading Dees first review of her late last year. She ticked all the boxes from what I could tell.


Le Boudoir

A great old-world brothel, full of charm and very clean. The receptionist was very easy to deal with and patiently answered my endless stream of questions. The rooms are quite large and well appointed, plenty of soap, mouth wash, deodorant and other bits and pieces. Towels which are not threadbare and in tatters are also welcome (I’ve obviously spent too much time at Naughty Times J). Le Boudoir reminds me of Collingwood Confidential in terms of the calibre of cleanliness and ambiance. It would be hard to call one over the other. The only thing I didn’t like about LB was the prices. It must be the most expensive brothel in Melbourne. Just my luck, the first time I front up is the day of a $20 price rise.



As I said in a recent review of Jennifer of Westminster Secrets, I like my ladies to have womanly curves, not just big breasts but also curvy hips, a full bottom to hold and nuzzle, arms that have some shape and legs match the rest. Isabella is a prime example of my favourite body shape, she is pleasantly curvy and very, very womanly with large shapely breasts and large areola. Her black (or very dark brown) hair is long and wavy and her skin is dark, typical of a Mediterranean skin befitting of her Italian ethnicity. Isabella’s face is very pretty, she has a warm smile and a good sense of humour. Her skin is soft and blemish free and I’d have to say Isabella is one very delicious lady. After the health inspection and while I was undressing for the shower, Isabella said do you want to tell me what sort of things you like or do you just want to go with the flow. I explained I like kissing which she was fine about. I said I like to go down and again it was like so, doesn’t everyone. Then I said I like rimming, to which she asked on you or on me, or both?



I was sitting on the bed admiring the little accidental strip. Last thing exposed were the big, friendly puppies. Isabella came to the bed and laid next to me on her back. I took the cue and leaned over for our first of many kisses. It just seemed to flow and we kept at it for quite a while, maybe half the 30 minute booking. The more we kissed, the more I didn’t want to stop. Maybe it’s the hot blooded Italian in her but Isabella was an extremely passionate kisser. Her tongue was busy the whole time and she was very inviting when I filled her mouth my own tongue, she sucked it like it was a cock as I did to hers. Her moans and groans added to my own and the overall excitement.


Reluctantly I stopped kissing her and went for a tour of Isabella’s curves. As I knew time was short, I really didn’t have time to linger anywhere too long. The DATY was excellent with Isabella making quite a loud noise as she came from tongue and fingers. After the DATY she pulled me back to her mouth so she could lick all the wetness from my face. It felt amazing, huge big wet kisses with long wet licks across my cheeks and mouth. I’m getting a boner now just thinking about it.


Isabella reached for a condom which she applied by hand and went down to my balls for a wet, tickly ball wash including some ball sucking. Interchanging the TTM with the CBJ with continuous eye contact was very enjoyable. At the start I was more into the TTM than the CBJ but as it continued I started to warm to the CBJ as my genitals started to get very tingly. I had unfinished business with Isabella curvy bottom so I asked her to stay put on her elbows and knees at the end of the bed as I slithered out from underneath and moved to the foot of the bed to kiss and lick her butt. The experienced seemed to be almost as enjoyable to her as it is was for me. At this stage of the proceedings the buzzer sounded so I made my way to mish with legs together and for another feast of that delicious, wet, warm mouth until the end arrived.


Isabella the passionate Italian doesn’t just have sex, she makes love.



Le Boudoir – great place but pricy

Isabella’s face – pretty and kissable

Isabella’s body – curvy and womanly

Isabella’s personality – warm and friendly

Isabella’s love making – fucking awesome


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