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Smiles, lies and awkwardness



mmmm... so I'd been thinking of saying something for a while now, but for a wide variety of reasons didn't feel like it. oh, and fair warning, knowing me this is probably going to get hard to follow quickly... my mind has a habit of working with intermediate impossibilities and bridging gaps with worm holes... but anyways, let's get on with this.


let's start with the good bits. i am constantly amazed with and impressed by the women I've met and their... sensitivity. aside from keeping a smile on their faces and providing me with a reason to wear one too, most of the women I've met have shown understanding and a certain level of delicate skill in handling my numerous and seriously messed up issues. plenty of people who I've met outside this context have often just gone into "shock horror!" mode and excused themselves from my company... and before anyone says it, yes I do know that I am paying her to stay. but as someone who gets paid to "read people" (well, that's part of my job...), I do think myself reasonably good at telling apart those who are presenting the fake smiles and the internal horror show from those who have some genuine desire to be nice. again, yes I do get that I am paying her to be nice and that if she wasn't nice, she wouldn't get very far in the industry at all... but I make the point of sensitivity and niceness as context for my next point...


this is something that has irked me for a very long time... pretty much since the first day I opened up by email and tried to write a letter to a WL and sat back and thought about what I would say. It bothers me that most WLs sell themselves as an item. That they market themselves in terms of their bodies and not the person who lives inside the body. anyone who has a quick flick through the reviews here will quickly find that it really doesn't matter how how you are, how many letters are in your bust size, where you come from or whether you can wrap your feet around your own head or not... all of those things - ie: the superficial layers - get you an initial booking. but then, if the lady under those dd breasts turns out to be more interested in her cigarettes than you or proves incompetent at talking about anything at all then you're hardly likely to book her a second time. so my point is that if the thing that secures a return customer is a girl's personality and ability to make you feel like you did more than just fuck her brains out, then why do so many focus on just getting that initial hello? especially when so many of you WLs out there are incredibly nice people with infectious bubbly personalities that make me wish I had actually met you at a bar instead of in the context that we did meet... it just fills me with *sigh* I'm not saying that you shouldn't tell me about the way your silky hair slips off your perfectly flawlessly smooth skin or that you shouldn't mention that you love dressing up in all sorts of costumes and lingerie... just that you should value yourself and hence market yourselves as more than just any number of horrible expressions used to describe rape victims by their assailants.


my next point is something that amuses me more than anything else. now, let me preface this by saying this hasn't happened to me with every WL I'm met, nor has it happened to the same extents, but it has happened often enough that I thought I may as well write about it. Ladies, please please please know your story well. I'm sure plenty of guys just look at the pics and then text for a booking... but the fact that sites like this exist is a pretty clear indicator that plenty of guys do a little reading before booking a girl. Meaning we know what you've written on your profile and in some cases what you have told other guys. So don't write that you are a 22yo education student when you're telling guys that you're a 28yo bartender (I've changed the bits and pieces here to protect the girls who I'm talking about...). as I said, I really don't mind - it kinda just amused me... but considering that this should be a relatively well rehearsed story and easy to keep consistent, I do consider it a little on the bad form side of things. Granted plenty of guys probably don't care about your backstories... but I, for one, do.


and all of this leads me to my last point - being awkward. I am phenomenally awkward. I could easily win gold if being awkward were an olympic event. But, plenty of the girls I've met have been able to keep me comfortable from the get go and made sure that there was always a new topic to talk about or different task she could throw herself into all in all keeping my attention off my awkwardness. Some haven't been quite so good at it. amusingly enough, the biggest culprit that comes up here is music. either make sure your playlist goes for well and truly long enough to cover the booking, or get yourself a copy of something like Pandora which will just keep pulling new music for you. nothing turns a slightly awkward moment into an avalanche of embarrassment quite like silence. at least imo. given that music is such an easily dealt with issue, as above, it amuses me to no end how often this becomes a minor issue... not that it's anything I expect a guy to actually mention or raise, but I'm sure that if you think back to your less enjoyable punts something like this has happened at some point.


having said all this, I should point out that I am just as bad with many of the things I've said here... I've booked girls for purely superficial reasons, I've gotten my own story mixed up, and I've said monumentally stupid things... but still. doesn't mean I'm happy about it.


anyways *shrugs* I'm going to leave this abomination to the English language here...


take care all~


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Mate, wouldn't it be nicer if you can draw the line clearly. We would love to hear and ensure the experience is enjoyable. Spend some time to read the reviews, not all of us has a companionship rate, it helps yourself also helps the girl understands what you need!

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Btw, thanks for taking time to write the review, but I wish you had drawn the line clearly!




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It is not about you paid the money, it is about we want to ensure you are happy!!!!





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KDP, a girls "back story" really isn't any of your business. If she wishes to tell you porkies, so be it. There maybe be discrepancies from what other clients and/or working ladies have heard, but the only person who knows the truth is her.


I give close answered responses to questions at times and open and very detailed responses to others that I trust. People that receive one worded answers to questions may interpret my answer differently from it's reality and that's the purpose - I don't care to share details of my personal life with them.


If a lady wants to advertise as a 22 year old student doing it for extra cash it's more appealing to a consumer than a 28 year old with no education to works in a bar.



Most ladies do highlight on their personalities in their advertising, seldom honestly IMO as I know the women behind the personas and very few are identical when working as they are in real life. Writing about your personality is quite similar to writing about your looks; you're hardly going to harp on about your negative traits are you? Gloria is a lovely, down to earth women of sharp wit that enjoys in-depth conversations is more attractive to someone than Gloria hasn't met bush she's been willing to beat around and suffers from both road rage and footpath etiquette anger.


If you want ladies to spin even more bullshit? Encourage them to write about their perfect personalities.

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gvv, fair call re the bs meter. though by "back story" i didn't really mean her personal story - just whatever she was spinning and trying to remain consistent. I'd argue that consistency is more likely to be profitable than not... but I could be horribly wrong here. And again, I'm really mainly referring to what someone has written about herself as opposed to what she'll say about herself. But I guess I'm not necessarily comparing likes with likes as I'm semi looking at this from a cv/interview standpoint with long term being an end goal.


Also, I do take your point re how people present themselves personality wise on paper vs in person and even from situation to situation... but I guess what I was trying to say (albeit badly) was that with such a strong emphasis on physicality it often feels like I'm paying for a girl's body where I would prefer to think that I'm paying for her company. And that as an extension to that, it bothers me that women market themselves from a heavily objectified physical perspective rather than a personified individual one. I get that this is a long standing premise on which the industry has been built, but that doesn't mean I like it. And I'm also not asking anyone to fake a perfect personality - I'd be very quick to call the "too good to be true" line - but just balance what they're writing about themselves a little more... *shrugs* I should also point out that I tend to suck at properly conveying what I'm thinking most of the time...

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You just mean the whole I'm a student so I have a very tight schedule or I worked in the corporate world for years so know how to please the most discerning of gentleman?


Yeah I agree, make up a story and stick to it if you're going to do it. It isn't really necessary to tell such stories in your ads, in my experience girls that "spin" stuff in their ads are blatantly lying about their past and/or occupation. Best just to disclose it in person with whomever you're comfortable.


Unfortunately this is predominately a looks based industry where mean are wanting to sleep with women based on their attractiveness foremost. There are a number of clients that are looking much deeper than that, it's always a better compliment to receive an email saying they love what I wrote in my advertisements and it made them want to meet me rather than you're so beautiful, I can't wait to see you.


I'm attempting to write about myself for my new website at the moment, quite a cathartic process as it reads me as quite vulnerable; but I will have someone look over it before I set anything in stone as there could be better ways to describe my personality.


Many girls use copywriters these days, sadly if I were a client I wouldn't even bother reading the text in a girls ad anymore.

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Totally agree Gloria clients who are attracted to what you write are better cliets, then clients whole email I wanna fuck your titties.

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