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Smiles, lies and awkwardness

mmmm... so I'd been thinking of saying something for a while now, but for a wide variety of reasons didn't feel like it. oh, and fair warning, knowing me this is probably going to get hard to follow quickly... my mind has a habit of working with intermediate impossibilities and bridging gaps with worm holes... but anyways, let's get on with this.   let's start with the good bits. i am constantly amazed with and impressed by the women I've met and their... sensitivity. aside from keeping a smil



3 wonderful nights

Now, plenty of you have read my reviews. And plenty of you have had plenty to say about them. I personally don't really care much... but I do think it's unfair to the ladies I have seen for their reviews to be taken negatively. So, instead of writing up a review, I'm writing up a blog with the girls relatively de-identified. I'm sure they'll be able to recognise themselves... but I'll leave it up to them to say anything about what I've written. A little context for the less intellectually capab



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