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Pricing - My Views



Of late there have been a number of threads popping up on Punter Planet in regarding the prices ladies and parlours charge for their services. Some asking why it is so other just being critical.


I've bitten my tongue on the subject but I think it was about time that I expressed my view. It's very simple. The ladies and establishments who charge high rates will just simply state that they're only charging what they believe the market will bare as there is no industry standard. Well good luck to them I say. If they can get that kind of money all the best. As for why Asian parlours.ladies are a little cheaper. Well I wont go there so I'll let you draw your own conclusion, but I avoid them personally.


As for the punters who complain well I say very simply this, if you don't like it or can't afford it, don't book them. Stick to your own personal budget, It's not rocket science.


I have done just that and it has worked for me over the years. But what I will say is this. Price tag is no guarentee of quality


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The higher price tag might not guarantee a good service but i am sure it guarantees a super hot chick. lol

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My experience tells me higher price tag just means a higher price tag. When naked, the higher price tag lady is not guaranteed to be any hotter than a hot parlour lady. From the recent thread on maintenance, we could say however, a higher price tag guarantees expensive clothes, lingerie, etc.

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I don't get the fascination so many have with this and similar topics. However, I thank you for treating it as a blog and not another boring as crap pricing thread on the main board like so many others have done and will continue to do I'm certain.

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I can speak from experience that higher price does not mean any better service I have paid $1K and as little as $100 and as I say every time the end result is the same sticky mess:) As far as HOT I would say most times BUT not always YMMV is often the case here.

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electricity bills!


do you know how much it costs to keep those dryers running all day and night??

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A high price may not guarantee a hot girl, but a low price will certainly ensure a bad one. Play the odds, and pay the money (after reading the reviews of course).

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Leigh, see i don't agree here as I see a lass about 25 not a stunner but young and fresh with reasonable looks and a great attitude. Her service is one of the best, if not THE BEST I have had and to say that low price certainly ensures bad experience is not in any way applicable here. We have girls on here charging $350 and some at $800 and i am sure that a lot will agree the $350 is just as hot if not hotter than the $800 girl. Your statement holds no water.

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