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Why I punt/My punting history



After reading a few blogs on here, I thought I would share my history. I have never had a girlfriend, I am 31 years old. I didn't start having female friends until year 11, although since then I have had many, and many have been very affectionate, eg lots of cuddles, kisses on the cheek etc.. Back in my early 20s my friends really wanted me to find a girlfriend or at least pick up. That changed when I was 21. My friends manage to help me pick up a friend of theirs at a party, who came back to my house and she gave me oral and slept in my bed (with my friends partying outside). Since then, I have not had been with anyone.


My first punting encounter happened also when I was 21. I stumbled across a bondage site where clients could act out their fantasies. For those of you who don't know, for some reason I love being tickled. I thought this venue would be a good place to explore this. I went there and had a tickle session, but with nothing sexual. I loved it and throughout the years I had intended to go back, but didn't visit those houses again until I was 28.


When I moved out of home at 28 I think that was when I really began to explore punting. First i started by revisiting bondage houses and being tickled, although there was nothing sexual about it. I kept turning down hand relief. I think what was stopping me was the moral issue. I was bought up to be a very moralistic person. I think also I was worried what my friends would think if they found out, i"m not sure. Anyways, in one session I was very tempted to try being tickled on my genitals so I asked, and they removed my undies and did it, that was a real turning point for me. Many bondage sessions after that involved some genital tickling, although still no hand relief.


The next step was strip clubs. For my 29th birthday some friends took me to a strip club. Previously I had been to a strip club briefly but never experienced a lap dance or anything. A stripper jumped in my lap and motorboated me and dragged me off for a private dance. I was very nervous. When she did all the raunchy stuff I got nervous, but I enjoyed chatting to her at the end. A few months later I started visiting the strip clubs more frequently with friends, and then started to love them, especially all the affectionate stuff (even though they played on it). What was the big turn around, was when I discovered punter planet, originally to search for strip clubs, I also discovered they had massage parlours, brothels etc.


Through PP, I discovered there was various ways I could explore things without loosing my virginity. I first tried an rnt but decided to not have hand relief, the morality issue kicked in again. However it was a great rnt as there was kissing and cuddling. Then after speaking to some friends about it, I relised there was no issue so I went back and had hand relief, and went back a few times. I then decided to explore privates and brothels, but with no FS. When I told some close friends, they weren't shocked, they were stoked that I had finally started to experience some intimacy on a regular basis, which still continues to this day. There are still many things I have not explored like DATY etc..


As for why I punt.. I punt for a wide range of reasons. I punt to experience intimacy that my friends cannot give me and also to fulfil my kink. However one interesting reason why I punt, is to be educated. Since punting, I have learn't so much from WL's and many have taught me how to kiss etc. In addition to this, my confidence with girls have improved and I have been on a few dates. I also punt to get rid of any stresses or worries. For example if I have had a stressful week at work or if study is getting me down, a good RNT or snuggle with an WL usually relieves that stress! However on the other hand, if I have a bad punt that can make the stress worse!


Anyways this is long.. so I shall leave it there for now!




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Taylor Alexander




I could sit here for hours listing the different things that turn people on . At the end of the day there is no text book routines.

You do what makes you happy and satisfied, one day i think you will find the MORAL issue you have with full service will change as you grow.


At the end of the day its your life, live the way you want too.

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Well all my friends are trying to convince me to take the FS route with my punting, and they keep asking - "have you gone FS yet?" lol

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I say do whatever you enjoy the most, one of my most enjoyed "punt" was an overnighter without any sex :)

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Thanks for sharing your story Mike, made me feel a lot better about my own 'kinks'

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mate if it feels natural do it, if not dont. when the time is right you will try it.

good luck n thanks for sharing

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Thank you for your raw honesty. Best wishes on your punting future as you continue to explore and then shatter your boundaries.

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