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Miss Ultra Vanilla Starts to get spicy...

Violets nipples


It was an interesting week last week. Full of lots of firsts...

Started off by leaving my conventional life, at the beach , behind me and moved to Brisbane. Until now i have been commuting from the coast, and working from hotels.

So, i'm now in Kelvin Grove and finding my way around. SO much better to be able to work from a home base as apposed to motel/hotel ect..

The highlights of the week were: a very very raunchy threesome. (MFF) He was a crossdresser, she was HOT. like MODEL HOT. My total opposite physically. AND (wait for it) she had her clit hood pierced!!!! (Im tempted to say i want one and what do you punters think about that idea) I got done with a strap on for the first time, and also took part in a two girl vibe show. wooo hooo!! are we sad we moved to the city? HELL NO!! :D whilst i did get to be a dildo assistant to her i still have not yet tasted a woman, but i would have been keen if she had indicated it was allowable. Im not gay, but you only live once right?

The other cool thing was visiting a DUNGEON! oh man they have lots of kinky fuckery stuff there, and i emerged with a riding crop. now i shall have to find some victims. :P

Its my first full week in the city, so im looking forward to being able to offer better availabilty to all those BBW loving men and establishing some nice guy regulars. :)

I also found a really cool website and managed to spend $200 on a lingerie order... oooohhhhhh yummy can't wait to get it!


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Ah to taste or not to taste, that is the question. My suggestion is that if you do, don't go in half hearted, do it properly, start soft and slow and build up speed and intensity with determination to make her come, licking pussy is pleasureable but being delivered a deluge of pussy juice is awesome, just be sure to lick it all up, leaving a mess is just rude, but be careful you may just become addicted.

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Definitely give it a go, sleep walker seems to have it right. I always like when they build up to eating you like they can't get enough.

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mmmmmmm there is nothing better than tasting the sweet necture n inhailing the sweet fragrance of pussy.

dam im getting toey just thinking bout it n the girls ive tasted

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