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Kisses under the mistletoe

Violets nipples


blog-0349436001356385441.jpgHi Folks!

Well, its Christmas day, and I'm working. Thaught it would be nice for some naughty bbw lovers to have a whole lotta something nice to unwrap..tee hee... its bee REAL quiet on the western front since i last blogged...nothing new and exciting....not comparitive to last post... :P but the new year looks like it might start off with a bang..trip to Mackay... private client..It will be another first tho, he is requesting a golden shower. Id like to hear peoples thaughts on what the turn on is with that... does nothing for me whatsoever...It will be interesting to give it a go tho

Oh, hang on one cool thing DID happen.. my large lingerie order arrived and most of it fitted!! wooo hoo!! (thats an issue for a plus size girl, let me tell you!) theres something about lingerie, and dressing up in it, there just is. ;)

I do notice with this whole, crossing over to the sexy side, im alot hornier. like... if i dont get sex every couple of days im SOOOOOOO chomping at the bit ! Thank god for toys. Shame i only have the one, basic, model, next year i will have to aquire some more. Money was an issue at the time i purchased my 'gold bullet' and i very much should have invested the extra... next on my hit list is a (sex in the city inspired) RABBIT, and a clit butterfly. And of course i shall include product review in my blog. :D

Starting to plot some touring for next year... and think i might also add rub n tugs to my service...

Anyway, want to wish you all a deliciously sexy and sinful Kissmass, and a fun, happy, and prosperous new year.





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I prefer to be the Pisser than getting pissed on but I do enjoy both,its something that I have only got into in the last couple of months. I find it very erotic pissing in a girls mouth and over her titts.

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I personally have never pissed and never will piss on my WL..................BUT I find it wonderfully erotic to be pissed on by her.........IMHO it is so incredibly beautiful and although new to this type of thing, I have grown to love it in the very short time here.

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