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Diary of a Brothel Receptionist

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A Letter To Our Girls



Dear ladies,


I love you. I really do. However:


I am not your maid. If you leave a mess everywhere, clean it up.


I am not your mother. It is not my job to listen to your daily woes. While I am happy to do it when we are dead - I'm sure as shit not doing it when we're busy.


I am not your personal taxi. When you ask me to cart you around I lose pay doing it. I expect petrol money and reimbursement for it IF I do it. I probably won't. I certainly won't leave a shift to do it.


I am not your chef. If you want me to cook you food and it's not madly busy, I have no issues with this. You will, however, reimburse me and be nice about it and not act like I'm your personal slave.


Pls respect these ideas or you will find one of my huge size 11 shoes up your bums.


<3 Your lovely receptionist.


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