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Announcing my Harem



I have decided that the best way to enjoy my work is to build a network of ladies that can provide me with a wonderful time in whatever city I am in. I will jokingly refer to this network of ladies as my "harem". Naturally, I do not see my ladies often enough to provide sole support (I wish I was that wealthy that I could keep them to myself), but I still like to think about them.


Because they are in my harem, they know me, and are familiar with me. The familiarity helps ensure I am treated like a Sultan, and the travel means there will be time between sessions. And time between sessions helps ensure nothing becomes stale.


Right now, I have

  • two ladies in Melbourne, with a potential third member
  • one lady in Adelaide
  • one lady in Perth

I will soon be conducting an "interview" for a lady in Brisbane


And I need to find a lady in the Middle East.


The unknown is Kuala Lumpur - the local culture seems to encourage either massage girls (a reasonable option) or pick-ups from the bar (not really my style).


Suggestions for new members in my harem are always encouraged.


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