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Thoughts on my blog



I was originally going to call this Blog "Confessions of a Young Melbourne Punter" but then I thought, why confessions? Confessions imply something that one should be ashamed and repenent about. PP is about celebration and celebrate it something I want to do in this blog.


I have often about starting a blog before but never really had anything that I felt passionate about to blog on. Until now! Punting has opened my eyes to so much more than just an easy way to get laid.



Stay tuned for some thoughts on punting, life in general and other topics in the coming days...


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Serena Vincente


indeed confession imply shame and I promise you there should be no shame!


I am a dayily blogger and love to share my thoughts and I can tell people here also enjoy sharing.


blogging can even bring insite in my view


Serena Vincente x

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PP is great as here we can talk about personal intimate matters and no-one blinks!

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