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Thoughts on Me...



[The following is an expanded version of the introduction to my September 2012 – Eastern 25 – Kitty review]


When I woke on New Year’s Day I woke up with a feeling that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.  I woke up not thinking about sex.  Now, this might sound a strange thing to announce on a website actively revolving around sex, but trust me, it was welcome.  For all of my teenage and adult life I have woken up on New Year’s Day and though “Will this be the Year I get a girlfriend?” or “Will this be the Year I lose my virginity?” or something along those lines.  Now as a punter I can go and have sex whenever I want!  No pressure, no need to fret or worry.


This time last year such thoughts would have been completely shocking, almost alien to me.  At that stage I hadn’t had sex for almost half a year, which in itself had been a rather disappointing one off.  I hadn’t had good sex for another year before that.


Now I know this seems like a long time between innings, but believe me, I’ve gone longer. I met my first proper girl friend in my final year of high school and we were very much in love (or at least what we both thought of as love), I guess we were both quite innocent for our ages.  We made a decision to save ourselves for marriage, or at least she did, and I agreed to keep her in my life.  Of course, we weren’t entirely innocent, we fooled around and did basically everything except that ‘sinful’ deed, but she was adamant that we would remain virgins until our wedding day.


After graduation we both went to the same University and I became less enamoured of the idea.  I saw my friends having sex (well I didn’t watch them, but you know what I mean) and the proposition of a wedding day seemed to be an ever receding, something just around the corner, but a destination we could never reach.


As could probably be predicted, I weakened and cheated with a close friend, cheating in spirit if not deed, as at the last moment, I was gripped by shame and proved unable to perform.  Inevitable of course, it was discovered and the fact that I proved flaccid didn’t save the relationship.


However, surprisingly, in something of an abrupt about turn, after a break-up of six months, my girlfriend agreed to return to me, and provide me with ‘everything’ I needed, on the proviso we married before the years end.  Our relationship finally fully consummated, it was if the curtains were dropped from my eyes, this was sex and I liked it!  The feeling was seemingly mutual, for a while we went at it in an attempt to make up for lost time, but eventually she began to grow distant and eventually accused me of forcing her to abandon all her principles.  Another reconciliation was not going to occur and both the marriage and the relationship were called off.


That was three years ago and since then I’ve made one attempt at another relationship, (the good sex I mentioned before) and later what I would describe as ‘pity sex’ from a girl I kind of knew (the last time I actually did the deed).  This was so awkward and unsatisfying for both of us that I went into a self-imposed celibacy until the solution dawned on me – punting.


I had my first punt in September and since then have been into three more parlours achieving success in two.  So that’s a total of 3 punts.  Not exactly Casanova but it doubled the number of women I’ve slept with. 


Kitty, Abby and Sonia.  They are my first three, my holy trinity.  But this year I plan to really delve into the punting world, explore my horizons, try some R’n’T, visit a lot more parlours and take a taste of some private escorts.


And I intend to write, review and blog about all of them!

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Serena Vincente


i think it is important to really explore your own sexuality.


I personaly have learned so much more about myself as a person, while exploring my sexuality!


Go for it!


Serena Vincente x

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