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Time on my hands!

Tara Rhoades


If there is one thing us escorts have a lot of it is time on our hands. I have been on the search for a hobby that keeps me inside my apartment for most the day but yet has me entertained. Not an easy challenge when my mind is of need of constant nourishment. A tortuous quality I would not bestow on anyone. I have tried knitting and found my hands got a bit tender around the edges - not a good thing in this industry. I do my usual writing but I found even that can only take up two to three hours of my day. So I have been searching searching searching UNTIL today I had a brilliant idea.


BAKING FOR THE HOMELESS! Something to make myself feel good and others feel good as well (bonus).


I do not like giving money (although I have given hundred dollar bills before) straight to a homeless person. Mostly because I hate the thought of paying for someone else to get drunk or something.. I figure I'd rather be selfish and buy myself a very nice bottle of red than someone else. (Just when you thought I was a selfless person - you know what I mean though!).


So for all you escorts out there pacing your apartments, I have the solution! Turn on some billie holiday, get that apron out of the closet and start baking. I am giving some food along with my baked goods and will be going out tonight to hand out these goodies. I think if I was ever homeless and someone went to the trouble of cooking for me I would be touched..


Today's effort: Chocolate peanut butter squares.


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Alice, I am constantly reminded about the depth and knowledge you ladies have. It's the little asides that give it away. I not only think you are a darling for what you have chosen as a hobby, I more than approve of 'Lady Blues' as your choice in music.

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That's very sweet, but realistically isn't doing them any good.


Chocolate peanut butter squares are a horrible food to give to someone that doesn't eat regularly and is likely to have a variety of health concerns. It will stuff around with their bsl levels, leave them irritable once the high disappears and even hungrier and thirsty.


Not to mention their teeth..


Sweet though, but if you are insistent on baking rather than cooking try some wholemeal banana muffins with oats or something a little lower GI wise.

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I also gave a two minute noodles for carbs. Thank you for the advice though. I am looking up a wholemeal banana muffin recipe right now! Any other ideas? Didn't even think about these extra problems.. Perhaps I would be better cooking up a pasta or something?

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I have a recipe for preserved roast tomatoes, they are very nice on piece of toasted crusty bread (Turkish or ciabatta).

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Megan Delaney


Get a second job?


Cooking for the homeless? Really isn't something they need as there are many organisations and retail shops who donate food. Why don't you get a second job? Or start a second business?

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You could always be a webcam girl from home. Two escorts I have seen do that on the side ;)

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