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The state of the Union ... oops, harem



I just returned from Kuala Lumpur - a city I have decided will NOT have a member in my harem. The city's punting culture does not meet my needs, even though there would be some excellent potential there. Instead, I decided to save my money.


Which brings me back to Melbourne, and a local will be joining my harem. She is already in the harem, but this will be the official announcement.


This will bring the number of Melbourne ladies in the harem to 3. There may be room for one more, or it may be full - we shall see.


In addition, I have pending interviews with four Sydney based ladies that I think would be magnificent additions to the harem. As is always the case ... timing and serendipity of scheduling is everything.


It is always a good sign when a lady contacts me ... THAT is paradise.


Looking ahead, I have trips to Abu Dhabi, Adelaide and (get this) Kalgoorlie confirmed. I doubt if I will be punting in Kalgoorlie, so again the travel to / from the goldfields may determine who I see, and where I see her.


Adelaide is an interesting one ... I get there soooo rarely, I may be better served by seeing a member of my harem on tour. The worst thing that can happen is to invite a lady to join the harem, and then ignore her. My last trip to Adelaide was in 2010. Hmm ...


The price of commodities has dried up trips to Perth and Brisbane (which I used to take frequently), and I have had to replace them with doing work overseas. I just returned from doing my third gig this year in SE Asia, and this week I depart for Abu Dhabi for my second gig this year. Still trying to decide if I NEED a harem member in Abu Dhabi.


So ... I am finding my harem

  • the perfect way to daydream - I have had no problem filling my mind on these long flights.
  • demanding - a lady needs attention, and I think I am spreading myself too thin (even a fat guy can be spread too thin)

But for now, let me daydream about ... well ... about my playdate this coming week.


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Indeed, more correctly titled "The State of The Unions".


I've only ever seen Hay Street in Kal when I was in high school. Didn't partake, I hasten to add - that would have been unlawful! If it is still the centre of such activity there, I suspect you're right in not expecting much. The very high ratio of punter/mine workers to WLs probably doesn't help.

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