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blog-0738436001362283943.jpgSome people may say that I am a bit immature because I still have posters on my bedroom wall. Admittedly they are posters of scantily clad women. Most of which I have pulled out of magazines and calendars over the years. I know WLs might have a different view on it and not mind too much but I have had it implied that a woman in the "real world" would see it as a sign of maturity.


Well to a degree I'm still a big kid at heart, mainly cause my childhood and teenage years where far from perfect and now I feel that to an extent I'm channeling that in my adult life. Don't get me wrong I get serious about life issues when I have to.


Also if I met a girl I wanted a relationship with I would gladly trade them all in for the real thing. After having a recent visit by the delightful Lani she wasn't concerned about it, in fact admired some of them, but got a bit of a shock when she noticed that one of the was Nikki Webster. I think we really need to get over the fact that she was the little girl at the Olympics and has become a woman.


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