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Club 121 - 25/03/06 - Bree



Plans ahead made me take the decision of saving money and trim my punting a bit for a couple of months (that includes trips to Melbourne too). However, I know I can't simply go Cold Turkey, so I have allowed myself to have the occasional 30 min. booking here and there.




The one problem with this is that pretty much it excludes regulars (that I like to see for longer amounts of time) and privates who simply don't do 30 min. sessions. So, it allows for second visits to a girl, semi-regulars and scouting talent in parlours. And let's face it, as risky as it is, sometimes you just feel like meeting someone new.



(Photos of either Bree or of a lookalike. Hard to establish authenticity)

There are places, which are consistently good but they are not that close to where I live. So, last night I just went out, not knowing exactly if punting was on the cards. First destination Kings Cross... yes, I know, not the cleverest of moves but a walk would give me time to think. I got there and maybe in a strategy to avoid punting I went into an internet café where I did a bit of a live telecast of the SW scene for those in the chatroom. I then took the decision that the Cross was rather pointless, and since I still could do with a longer walk, I decided to keep going to Pyrmont. Maybe young Alexis was on... yet I was ready to see who else was there and sit through an intro.


After a quick perusal at the casino, trying to work out who was a WL and who wasn't, I finally headed to Club 121, where I was introduced to five girls but Alexis wasn't one of them (maybe she wasn't on, maybe she was busy)... I can't remember all their names; two I've never seen before (including a black girl for those who are in the search of one... and it wasn't Tisha), then Eva and Alice, who maybe do 24/7 shifts as they're always there when I visit... and finally, a new girl called Bree, whose beauty made her stand out remarkably from the rest. When she came in for the intro, I saw her face and thought that she was Czech or Russian... but nope. She is a local girl, albeit with a pretty cute way of speaking.




Bree has a model-like face, high cheekbones and huge cat-like eyes (probably green or blue). She's tallish, probably above 170 cm, approx. size 8, B or C-cups and she's in her early twenties. And unfortunately she was wearing a blond wig somewhat shorter than her real hair. The intros (except Alice's) had been so quick that it was hard to gauge her personality. However, that's the beauty of a 30 min. booking: you can take the risk and see what happens. So, I took a punt and booked her for half hour.


Was taken to the room at the front, the one right next the front door where I underwent the health inspection but soon realised that the room had no shower. So, I was given a robe and was guided by Bree to a shower at the back. Some clients may get annoyed by this but I actually like a bit of walking around the place, having a look behind the scenes. After the shower, Bree came to fetch me and took me back to the room. To her surprise, I killed the hideous R&B music coming out of the speaker but no complaints from her.


We moved to the bed and started massaging my penis with some lube while I kept playing with my fingers through her underwear until she took it out. Her body language and actions somehow told me that kissing was not on the menu... and I was right, no kissing on the lips at least. So, I kept kissing her sensitive nipples and even tried a quick incursion South of the border. I don't know why I asked if I was allowed down there when her body language was quite receptive of it. Her answer was yes but if we used a dam... so I forgot all about it and kept having fun with more body kissing and touching pretty much everywhere. She then put a condom on and gave me some good oral. It's always great seeing a gorgeous face like hers sucking you.


After that we continued with the sex, starting with some old missionary yet not completely flat but our bodies resting on a pile of cushions. Particularly at the beginning she was very tight. I can tell you that both of us were enjoying that and gradually her natural lubrication kicked in. However, it was after a while when we changed to doggy and she went completely wild and after a good solid 20 minutes of intercourse we finished and I collapsed exhausted on the bed. We still had a bit of time for some nice pillow talk.


I always like to get the most of the service; if kissing and mutual oral are on the menu, I certainly want them. However, occasionally you see girls who don't offer it and I believe that among these, there are two types. There are those who provide a very mechanical service giving you the impression you are not welcome (the "suck & fuck" mentality)... and then there are girls like Bree, who despite the fact (and notice that she did not mention any extras either), make you feel like your visit was a great time for them too. I wouldn't mind seeing her again and see what happens next time. She is very pretty; she could lose the wig though because with a unique face like hers it is rather pointless to try a disguise.


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