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Allure - 07/04/06 - Chantelle



If you've noticed I've been quieter with my punting lately, that's because I've been saving some money for other things. However, this past week has been really horrible for me. So, last night I decided that I needed a break and went to Allure to spend at least 30 minutes with someone.




I had called earlier to see if I recognised some of the names rostered but I didn't. I had been with Stephanie before but she wasn't on and somehow I was hoping to meet another well-reviewed girl called Chelsea but she wasn't on either. Apparently both are having a bit of a break.


This time I tried the discreet back lane entry as opposite to going in under the gaze of everyone driving through Parramatta Road. Not a problem, that worked well, the receptionist opened the door and guided me to one of the intro rooms. She sent the girls in and the first one, a very attractive tall brunette called Jade really got my attention. I asked her about her services and unfortunately kissing was $20 extra (I've seen worse than that but I still hate paying for kissing). All the other girls that followed did not seem to have any problems with GFE as part of their standard service; however, none of them had Jade's looks. Among them there was also Chantelle, an English girl, pleasant looking and very friendly. So, my pick was between the two of them.


The receptionist came back, and as I was having a mental struggle to choose one; the name Chantelle came out of my mouth. Maybe because that's for me a most appropriate name for a WL in a parlour, maybe because I have developed a subconscious mechanism of defence against any form of extras, but that's the name that came out of my mouth. As I was sorting out the money, the Madame came in and started chatting with me and she highly recommended me Chantelle as a true nymphomaniac. Since this woman has already proved helpful last time I was there, I also decided to pay for 45 minutes instead of my usual introductory 30 minutes. I promised little AndyJ that we'll be back for Jade though.




Chantelle is, as I said, English. She is blond and has blue or green eyes. She's in her early twenties; maybe a size 12 with natural C-cups or bigger. Around 165 cm tall and fully shaven with piercings in her tongue, nipple, belly-button and clit.


Off I go with Chantelle to one of the rooms upstairs, this one with shower inside the room. A quick health check and shower and she's back to start with the fun. I noticed she pulled out a big red dildo out of her bag and left it on the bedside table. Not a toys man myself, the thing remained unused though.


We started pashing, and boy, she seriously likes DFK and tongue action. I describe myself as a moderate DFK practitioner, so I had to make a bit of an effort (albeit not a bad one) to keep up with her. Once on the bed, I decided to pay this girl my respects by going down on her. Saying that she likes that would be the understatement of the century; I hardly recall anyone getting as wet as she did.


I then went up for more kissing and cuddling... until she decided to give me some oral... and yes, guys... I had the same question in my mind... was it going to be a BBBJ? After all, English girls are making a good reputation for themselves in this respect. Well, it wasn't going to be BB this time; there was however some serious ball and shaft licking before the condom went on.


The condom she tried on me was a bit small, so that was the perfect excuse to ask her if she minded one of my polyurethane ones (Durex Avanti)... and no problem. I like these ones because they're thinner and carry temperature better than latex. And so the shagging began and went on through different positions for quite a while until I couldn't hold it anymore.


I collapsed on the bed and we had a bit of a nice chat; however, little AndyJ was feeling a bit restless and decided it was time for round two. I suggested to basically sliding it in between her butt cheeks this time without actual penetration. We started really gently but let me tell you that she certainly knows how to use her buttocks and I came in no time.


Coming twice in 45 minutes speaks by itself. I had a great time with Chantelle and I would certainly recommend her if good service is your priority.


Management at Allure certainly know that good service keep clients happy and returning. It seems extremely simple but I wish more places would put more effort into it. Another thing that someone mentioned and it's true, is the fact that the girls here kiss you goodbye upstairs, but then you're escorted by the receptionist to the door where you'll be asked if you had a good time.


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