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Prep time, 3 weeks and counting



Ok, on the home straight toward surgery and starting to do all the prep work.


Pelvic floor exercises (very big influencer on return to bladder control) now being done every day, seemed funny to think that muscle could get tired but it did. Just goes to show how weak it can be.


Going off all other medications (including natural ones) end of this week although have been living so healthy it's disgusting. Dropped nearly 7kg so far and only vices are a very strong black coffee in the morning and a couple of bottles of red on the weekend


All the paper work filled out, medibank notified, first of the bills paid.


Had some good news! My old man had the surgery last July, he's 71 and when I talked to him over the weekend he is back in the saddle and reckons he can hang a towel on it. (here's hoping it's hereditary)


3 weeks and counting to surgery.


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Yes good luck aussie and I'm hoping you have a speedy recovery   :)

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Good luck aussiex.


You'll be flirting with the Nurses in no time at all.


After the surgery you will probably get a nice lady in uniform assigned to you to “help you with your penis”.

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Serena Vincente


good luck to you ! hope you get back to top conditions soon enough x

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Good Luck AussieX & get well quick.


Make sure you get all the nurses to check the old fella still works, dont just take the first opinion. Geta concensus from all the sexy nurses.

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aussiex I just caught up with this news, been there done that, pm me if you want any to.


Good luck, sounds like the C is inside Prostate which is good, first 5 weeks arent fun but it's better than dying (hope not too blunt)

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