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Post surgery - Faaark



A bit over a week post surgery and all I can say is Faaark!


As good as the pre op info and prep is, nothing really prepares you for waking up and looking down (first to check it's still there) to see a catheter running out of your old fella and the 6 dressings where the cuts were made to get at and remove the prostate.


There is probably no better indication of the advances in medicine than how quickly they get you up and about. Less than 24hrs after surgery, out with the drip, off with the big catheter tank bag, on with a strap on leg bag and it's up and at 'em. Get walking around, have a shower and then as well meaning as they are, taking visitors.


One thing that wasn't mentioned is the pain from the gas they pump into the abdomen to make more room to move. CO2 is still in there when they close you up and of all places, I thought someone about 140kg had jump on my shoulders and tap danced while I was out and as soon as I got up and started moving it was bloody awful. The hardest drugs I had the whole time were panadol (a bloke who had recent surgery had a bad experience on the harder stuff) but I came close to calling uncle.


So 2 nights in hospital and then discharged to return a week later for catheter removal. Life with a catheter wasn't too bad, a week out though and a nice little blister from a rub spot and it was fucking uncomfortable. Nurse says this may feel a little strange as it's removed. Now I can say that I was shitting myself at the thought of the catheter removal but indeed, it felt a little weird but no pain....oh and relief to not have it there. On with a nappy and into the waiting room to drink water. Aim is to pee three times and after each they do a quick ultrasound to ensure the bladder is emptying. All clear given and sent on my way with a party bag full of various incontinence pads / socks / pants.


Now it is very disconcerting to have no control over your bladder and that's what its like straight after catheter removal, no matter what you do, there is no control over the pee going into that nappy. Nurse tells me it will get better over the next 12 -24 hrs and it does seem to improve. First night home and its almost a dry night, able to hold it before a trip to the toilet through the night and the next morning. Still no real control when walking or standing though so this will be the next milestone.




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Much love goes your way and I am so so so happy for the update. Did have a little chuckle at the mental picture of you in a nappy I will admit. Only well wishes your way, thinking of you x

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Mate, sounds like you are over the hardest part. Hope things keep improving and all goes well.

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Haha thanks Belle, some guys are paying good money for that scene so will take it as a new experience. Appreciate the words Toorak, even in the course of today things are better so every day to be a better one I hope

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Sir Thomas TTE


Thanks for the update Aussie X.  Keep the info coming.  My PSA level has been creeping up for 15 years and last test had it at the top of normal range. Diagnosis so far has been BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy)  If next test in 6 mths has it up further, I will probably be in for a biopsy.  So I'm getting as much info as possible from other patients and rating of various urologists and types of surgery (in case it comes to that).  I have one friend whose robotic surgery didn't get "it" all so regular cut-open was required to finish the job.  His continence is OK now, but no more erections.  Trust all goes well for you mate.

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Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are on track for a speedy recovery.

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Glad to know that all is going according to plan despite the natural post surgery pain.

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Good too hear things coming along for you aussie. Look forward to catching up with you again.

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good to hear it all went well and providing an in sight into it

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Glad to see you making good progress. It will improve quicker than you think, keep up those pelvic exercises. I had open cut (for good reason) so didn't have the CO2 issue but had bit more pain. 

Your over the worse although first PSA test is scary, was it successful.?

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G'day Froggy, no official news yet on pathology but I missed a call from the doc yesterday. He left a message saying that pathology looked encouraging so until the actual results come I will take it as a positive, first psa test 1 month out I think.


On a side issue, have decided to do some experimentation on the erection side of things. Had a shower this morning, soaped up and gave the old fella a really good polish, just to see if there was anything. Ran my best replays (thankyou Nayla) and managed half a chubby. Strangely enough, the sensation itself was quite pleasurable despite the absence of an erection. So I am hopeful a return to the saddle will be sooner rather than later

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And thankyou to everyone else for your comments and encouragement, very much appreciated

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Aussie mate, all nthe best and look forward to catching up soon.

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Thanks for the updates, been wondering how you got on. Keep us up to date, good to hear things are looking up, cheers

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Thanks Philthy, will be looking forward to catching up when we get the chance. Pat, the only way is up, too much living to do mate.

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