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The Main Course - xx/10/07 - Veronica



It's not often I find myself in the city on a weekday, with the opportunity of having some time to kill, but having to attend a work related seminar, I found myself in the big smoke for the day.


As far as seminars go, I was ready to walk out 5 minutes after it started, but persevered until lunch time. Gathering all my information, I hightailed it back into the city from Hawthorn, and at this point of the proceedings I drew a complete blank. There were memories of many fine reviews by other punters who'd given glowing recommendations of many fine WL's, but at that momnet, my mind was a mess of names and parlours and I really couldn't quite put the 2 together.


I ended up heading over the Dudley St and the main course. It was mid afternnon when I arrived and Veronica was the only one available.


She took my hand in hers, moved in close and in almost a whisper proceeded to tell me what she would do. Normally she wouldn't be the type of WL I'd go for, but for some reason I decided to stay for an hour with her, and I'm glad I did.


Up the stairs, and once in the room she proceeded to grope me through my jeans, and started to passionately kiss me, while I returned the kisses and let my hands wander up under the little black dress she was wearing. After a few minutes of this, we broke off the kissing, sorted out the financial side of the transaction, and she left me to shower.


When she returned, I was sitting on the bed waiting, and watched as she stripped out of her dress and hung it behind the door.


Some more kissing and groping on the bed, before she pushed me onto my back and proceeded to give me a BBBJ. This girl has real oral skills, and I think genuinely enjoys it too. It wasn't long before I had to coax her up, otherwise it would have been all over bar the shouting.


I started to work my way down her body, paying attention to her large nipples, before parting her thighs and going to work on her clit. I enjoy DATY, and on Veronica it was no exception, With my hands behind her knees spreading her legs, she was moaning and wriggling all over the bed. I'd like to think that if I had hair, she would have had a fistful, but I'm not silly enough to believe it was all real either, I hope it was. Afterwards she told me I have a very talented tongue, so maybe it was genuine...... who knows.


After a quick breather and a bit of a chat, I was somewhat shocked at her ability to pick out bits of information about me, that I hadn't alluded to. It left me wondering if I was seeing a psychic who loved sex, or a WL who was psychic... it really was uncanny. I guess years of seeing a vastly divergent range of punters, has left her with a better than most ability to read people.


After our breather, she was back at it, trying to suck the life back into my little mate. It didn't take her long, and after slipping on the condom, she proceeded to straddle my hips and lower herself onto me. She started out slowly, before become possessed, wilding grinding herself up and down, going harder and harder, all in all it was a very pleasurable time for us both.


After the second round, she proceeded to give me a very nice massage, we had a great chat about nothing much in particular, but I was totally relaxed and enjoyed every minute of my time with Veronica. It was at this point in time I learnt my penis has body language, not something I'd ever considered before but apparently he does. I had to have a chuckle at this.


After the massage, it was time for a final BBBJ, before it finished with CIM. According to Veronica, I wasn't leaving before she tasted me.


Just as things came to a head the buzzer went, and my time was up. We both showered, had a bit more of a chat, before heading down the stairs, with a final kiss at the front door, it was time to venture out into the real world again.


Would I see Veronica again? Yes I would, and I personally think the second time would be better than the first. As I'm still relatively new to the world of punting, I get a slight touch of the nerves when I first meet a WL, so I might have to revisit Veronica to see if things improve second time around.


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