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Disabled People & Government Funding Australia



I have Mild Cerbral Palsy on my left side of my body and when I was 23 years old I decided to use an sex worker to loss my viriginity. Only recently I was talking to my dad's partner and she said there was funding from the government for people with disabilities for the use of sex workers. I went on the internet to try and find out were or if it was true but to little success. So I write this to see one if anyone know about it, and two if no one does to raise awareness and to hopefully make it a relately for myself and many other people who are disabled.


When I decided to use a sex worker to loss my viriginity it wasn't a rash decision I had thought it about it for many months. This was a big thing for me I hadn't had any physical contact or relations of any sort with a person of the opposite sex before. So this was a massive step for me to take. I always wanted to have this experience but never had the opportunity and there took matters into my own hands.


In early 2015 I book a sex worker to come around to my home for a dinner date. Which was 2 hours of conversation and getting to know each other and 2 hours of fun, which cost me $1,250. Which for me is alot it is like a normal person trying to buy a car. As I am on DSP (Disability Support Pension) and am currently unemployed and being disabled and try to find work in basically impossible or at least very hard. So when it came to the day that the sex worker was coming around to my house in the evening for the dinner date I was very nervous. I started to get the house tidy and get everything nice for her. It felt to me like I was going on my very first date with someone even though I had never gone on a date. The day past very quickly and through a few nice txt between the sex worker and I made me a little less nervous and a liitle more excited. I had asked her previous to her arriving to be forward as this was my first time and nothing would happen if it was left up to me. She was very understanding about my situation and my circumstances. I won't go into detail because this is not want this is about but I will say that it was very enjoyable.


The one thing I didn't expect to happen from the experience was the huge amount of emotions that would come with it and the attachment I would get to the sex worker. Fortunately for me my sex worker was very understanding and we managed to relsove my mistake. I never thought for one second that I would get all these emotions from this experience. But even though it didn't all go according to plan I still would do it all over again and plan to see sex workers in the future to develop myself more as a person and to broaden my sexual horizons.


In saying all of this the goverment should have funding for people with disabilities to allow them to see sex worker because they need to have the opportunity to have this experience and it will help them develop in my ways which they will not normally be able to due to their disability.


I hope people enjoyed reading that and if people would like to comment on and say there thought that would be great, maybe we might be able to make this a reality.


thanks bye for now


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Goodonyah alien. May I suggest Erotic massage i.e. Rub and Tug.


Plenty of guys with a little loneliness problem can chat to a cute young girl (or two cute young girls) for approx $1/minute.


Don't go into it expecting to get a girlfriend out of, but mind you manners, pay without complaint, always be polite, and you will always be welcome a customer. Then, if you wish, buy an orgasm from a willing cutie to go along with the chat.


It's not the same as a relationship.


It's not the same as a date.


It's not the same as an In-call with sex as the focus.


But it can be loads of fun to be stroked off by someone nice - and if the girl likes you the tugs you eventually receive will probably be above the average standard of tugs she gives the more regular 'in-and-out' punters. :D

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You could try talking to Touching Base (they are easy to google), they are a nonprofit that helps people with disabilites find sex workers. They would also be able to answer your funding question but you might be thinking of the NDIS (it got publicity for allowing recipients to choose to use funds for sex workers around the time it was launched) but depending on your age and location you might not be eligible for it yet.

Hope this helps, Corrine x

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