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Losing Your Virginity and Emotions



In early 2015 I lost my virginity to an escort at the age of 23. I decided to write this because I thought it may help others, and if not a good read to anyone who reads it.


When I lost my virginity at the age of 23, I hadn’t been in any relationships neither had I been intimate with anyone of the opposite sex up until that point. So during the hours leading up to and include the moment I lost my virginity I had this huge surge of emotions that I had never felt before. No one warned me about this and it was something I never anticipated. You may think like I did before it happened that I am a male and it just sex, nothing more nothing less. How I was so wrong. Even though I was paying her to be there I had a beautiful woman in front of me talking to me, flirting with me, paying attention to me and only me. This was something that had never happen to me before so of course there was going to emotions and feeling rising to the surface. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time if I didn’t feel any emotions or feeling I would have been worried. How was I not suppose to feel a connection with her. At the time it was just like a huge ball of emotions and feelings in one. But now I can say that it felt like love and a whole lot more and yes I just said LOVE. I felt a huge connection with her.


After my time with her I was confused this was something that had never happen to me before. I then proceeded to try and have something more with her, which at the time seemed right but I wasn’t thinking straight. She was very professional about it and over a short time we short things out and she understood. How I was so lucky, she could have told me to get lost but she didn’t.


So my advice to anyone in the same situation to me talk to your escort about the feelings you are having they will understand and help you get through them and help you understand them. Think before you act and don’t do things in hast most of the time they will end you up in trouble.


This can be a really enjoy, special and unforgettable experience so enjoy it.


I hope that you enjoying reading it and that it hopefully helps someone.


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Emotions? What manner of sorcery is this? :)


I am not the most emotionally available person, even to myself, so I didn't experience any of what you went through when I traded in my V-card at the ripe old age of 37. I enjoyed the sensations, the company and the sense of adventure I felt that day, but I never mistook the meeting for anything more than it was.


Since then I like to think I've not so much lost my virginity but misplaced it. Several times... 

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Nice post alien. I needed to cut-and-paste it out to a text editor and clear the formatting so I could read it though as the font is way too small for my aged eyes. Cheers

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Cheers for the blog entry, alien; I have increased the font size to make the reading a bit easier. :)

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Thanks Serena just telling what happened to me in case it could happen to someone else

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A very thoughtful post, thanks for sharing. You might be interested in reading up on the hormone "oxytocin".

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Dude... i kinda feel bad for ya.


It's like, what if you meet a girl you really like (IRL, say at work) and you guys hook up.


The rush wont be the same.



I remember my first time like it was yesterday.

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