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No.1 Blackburn St. - 10/08/07 - Jennifer



Originally posted 11 August 2007


After a disappointing intro at 533 Willoughby Rd. this afternoon, I decided to try No.1 Blackburn Lane in Surry Hills.


A friend had introduced me to this establishment on one of my Sydney visits last year. On that occasion, we had been impressed by the lineup of attractive WLs from Malaysia and Singapore. But the unusual intro format had put us off on that occasion.


The ladies are paraded in pairs on a catwalk behind glass, with seats for the punters along both sides. The catwalk is relatively short, so the time you get to view the ladies is VERY brief. Each lady carries a number and the punters are instructed to remember these numbers so they can indicate their choice.


Before heading off to Surry Hills, I reviewed the only two Blackburn Lane postings in this forum. Although dated 2005 and 2006, they did confirm I had the right shop as they described the unusual catwalk intros.


I arrived at No.1 about 8.30pm. The papasan ushered me in to sit at the glassed catwalk, joining an Asian punter who had arrived just ahead of me. Papasan thrust a printed price list into my hand and immediately the catwalk lineup began.


Even though I had prepared myself to try to make an instant assessment of each pair of WLs, it was VERY difficult. The first pair had come and gone before my brain and eyes were fully in gear. I had a vague impression that one of the first pair of WLs was perhaps the pick of the bunch, and that MAYBE her number was 11.


The other punter chose one of the numbers (not 11) so I told the papasan that I was interested in one of the first two ladies, and maybe her number was 11. Without further ado, he called the WLs to repeat the entire catwalk performance.


The one I had glimpsed first time looked even better this time, and she was definitely No.11!


But it was very interesting that the second lineup included at least two or three WLs who had not appeared first time around.


All of the ladies were from Malaysia or Singapore.


I told papasan I wanted to book No. 11 for 30 minutes. The price structure is $135 for 30 minutes and $270 for 60 minutes (what happened to the concept of economies of scale to encourage punters to make longer bookings). The papsan surprised me by suggesting it is a good idea to book for 30 minutes, then extend if I like the service :huh:


No. 11 appeared quickly at the papasan's request and took me upstairs. She introduced herself as Jennifer, from Malaysia.


Jennifer is 1.63m (5ft 4in) but looked taller in her high heels. She has a beautiful face and speaks good English. She is slim with long legs, generous natural B-cups and a full round bum with great muscle tone. I forgot to ask her weight, but I would estimate it to be less than 50kg.


She said she is 22 years old and has been in Australia for only two months. Most Asian ladies look younger than their real age, but I suspect Jennifer told me the truth. The combination of her age and good English makes me suspect she is a student.


Jennifer disappeared downstairs while I showered. She said she will bring me a glass of Coke. I checked the time on my watch as soon as she left the room, as I am always concerned about the accuracy of time-keeping in my first visit to a unfamiliar shop. I had showered and completely dried myself before Jennifer returned - this did not look like a good start.


While I waited alone for her, I took note of the room. It was only medium sized, but it was clean and well presented, with mirrors covering every wall. I like that! And the shower worked perfectly with accurate and responsive hot and cold controls - amazing!


I sat on the bed and watched Jennifer remove the sexy harem-girl outfit she was wearing. Hmmmm - GREAT BODY! Pussy not shaved, but trimmed very close. I complimented her by saying I was very pleased that I had made an excellent choice. But then she surprised me by asking if it is OK for her to take a quick shower. Another negative sign re timewasting! And if we both end up showering before the booking, why not shower TOGETHER :do


Jennifer showered quickly, dried herself and joined me on the bed. She opened a condom packet as she climed onto the bed, and this also seemed to be a bad sign (suggesting zero foreplay?) no3.gif


But how wrong could I be! I lay on my back and she kneeled above me, caressing my chest with her delightful breasts and rapidly hardening nipples. She soon moved down, teasing my still sleeping dick with her breasts.


At this point in my first bookings with a new lady, I am always a little concerned that I might suffer a degree of stage fright and take a long time to get fully erect. But before I could give this more than a passing thought, Jennifer blew my mind by taking me fully into her mouth - WOW - BBBJ - what a great way to cure stage fright!


Jennifer is very good at this. Perhaps not the best BJ technique I have ever experienced, but still very good. Lots of vibrating tongue action. I was soon rearing towards full, rigid erection. I asked Jennifer to swing around so I could "see" her pussy. She did this without hesitation, and immediately lowered her pussy onto my waiting tongue. Difficult to focus too well on a pussy when it is only a few millimetres from your eyes, but I can still say that as pussies go, this is a very beautiful example.


But there was another surprise here. Jennifer's pussy was already fully lubed up. When did she do this? Fortunately, the lube was not too heavily applied and tasted OK. And before too long her natural juices were flowing and the taste improved significantly.


We continued in this delightful 69 for quite some time. I concentrated on delivering my best DATY technique, and after a while I was rewarded by her hips starting to gyrate and she began to grind her pussy into my face. But she surprised me by stopping the action and apologising to me that she cannot concentrate on the BJ when she is nearly cumming. I told her that her technique definitely had not declined in any way, but I figured it was time to progress to the next level.


Jennifer then put a condom on me (definitely no sign of stage fright now) and climbed on top in cowgirl position. Her pussy was very tight and I was immediately worried that she might make me cum too quickly. She worked energetically on top for a few minutes, with both of us enjoying watching the action in the mirrors.


Then I suggested we switch to missionary position. I figured we might already be running out of time due to the slow start. Jennifer looked even better lying on her back beneath me. And the mirror behind the bedhead was perfectly placed to give a closeup reflection of my dick sliding deep into her pussy on each stroke.


Again, she soon had me close to cumming, but I am not a big fan of cumming into a plastic bag, so I finally pulled out and kneeled between her legs so she could finish me by hand and make me cum onto her beautiful breasts.


After we cleaned up, we still had time to rest and chat for several minutes before the buzzer sounded. While Jennifer showered, I checked my watch and was surprised to see we had been given a full 30 minutes since I had started my shower.


Jennifer said she works most days from mid-afternoon till closing time, which is sometimes as late as 5am. I said I am thinking of returning on Saturday or Sunday for a full one hour booking. She said she gives a good massage and I suspect I will really need that after I run the City-to-Surf fun run on Sunday morning.


Overall, I was very pleased with Jennifer and my first booking at No.1 Blackburn. She is quite beautiful, gives very good service and I am sure I could help her to lift her perfomance to an outstanding ranking. But even more impressive is her sweet personality. If she was in Melbourne, she would fit smoothly into the top end of the Melborne Colloseum ranks. High praise indeed!






Posted 11 August 2007


The catwalk intro at first glance does appear to offer even less chance for asking the WL about her services. But when you pick one and before you head off upstairs, you still have the option of asking any key questions. In fact. the money transaction does not take place until you reach the room, so you can still change your mind.


From a personal viewpoint, I have been booking Asian WLs for at least 10 years, in Australia and overseas. I have NEVER asked during an intro for details of their sevices. Knowing how shy Asian girls can be (outside the bedroom), I have always felt that most of them will be uncomfortable with questions such as whether I can have DATY. I always hope that it will be on offer, but sometimes the WL is so attractive that you know you will still book her anyway! And there is no point in asking about BBBJ, etc., as these practices are illegal, so the WL should not confirm her willingness outside the privacy of the room.


The usual Asian shop intro consists of a quick succession of ladies making a brief appearance at a doorway, firing off a name and quickly disappearing, as though the last thing they want is to be booked. The best ladies take a little more trouble, giving their name, perhaps country of origin, and come across the room to hold the customer's hand while doing this rather than firing just the name from the doorway. This might show at least a glimpse of their personality during the intro, making it much easier for us bemused customers to make a better choice.


If you compare the 2-lady catwalk sprint with the doorway peek-a-boo, there is even less chance of glimpsing their personality. So we are left with making the initial decision 100% on looks. This is a good reason to limit the first up booking with any new lady to just 30 minutes, in case the looks are deceiving.


But in hindsight, the unusual catwalk intros at this shop should not be considered a negative. I recommend you try it with a positive attitude. I will definitely be returning to No.1 Blackburn.




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