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Early days



Of course as a young bloke I couldn’t keep my hand of it. 

Managed to find some porn.. well more of a how to/positions type mag in my dads drawer. My first taste. Later I found some real porn in the bushes of my local park. How often did that happen back in the day. I had a best female friend I told her about the mags and we looked together. Clearly now knowing what I know.. who knows, but I got an embarrassing stiffy I hid and we did nothing. Stupid boy. 

I was a very shy awkward kid but eventually got myself a girlfriend. She was very confident and outgoing. We went through the usual steps.. first kiss, first touches, oh my the first time I touched her pussy it was both really hairy and really wet. And of course amazing. From then on I had my hands in her pants whenever I could. This of course eventually led to first blow job and losing our virginity. 

Mom sure it was all very clumsy and unsatisfying for her although she always accommodated my advances and was always wet. 

I loved her. 

Eventually she dumped me and I was devastated. 


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