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The next 10 years



I spent the next 10 years chasing as much pussy and my shy demeaned and only slightly above average looks would allow. To a point where it was definitely my number one focus whenever I was out and about. 


I think I was reasonably successful although standards did drop significantly to get my end away on more than one occasion. I tried not to let my mate know about these ones and only showed of and kept around the good looking ones. But my mates knew that my standards were low. I didn’t care. 


My pick up technique was poor but for some reason girls gravitated towards me. I’m not sure if it was that some thought I was a catch, or they were just the female version of me and liked to fuck around. 

I did have a couple of longer term girlfriends which escalated to more interesting, at the time, sex.


Like the first time a girl shaved he pussy for me I loved that.. and still do. Something about a smooth vagina.  Very happy it seems to be ‘mandatory’ these days 

The first time a girl let me use the other hole.. I loved that too, the naughtiness of it, the taboo. Many decades later my mate telling me he’s never done it and being married long term it’s not likely. I was proud to say that any girl I was with for longer than a couple months eventually let me fuck her ass. Proud as punch. Also many years later I discovered that some girls loved it and actively asked for it. Wow. 


In this decade still pre internet I discovered I also like looking at cock, as in hard core porn mags with intercourse I also enjoyed looking at the guys cock. 


This is of course I kept a secret. 


I still loved getting up close close to all types of vagina. Innies all perfectly tucked away nice and smooth. Outies with the big lips hanging out, nice. All lovely.  


Someof the lower quality girls thinking back , I wasn’t nice I just used them and moved on. But hey maybe they were doing it to me.. no one ever accused me of anything untoward apart from some mates saying I was a slut. 


On that hat myself and two mates decided to have a competition, yes I know poor form. But the goal was who could sleep with the most different girls in one year. Not the most sex but the most girls. I took this comp a little to seriously. The only rule is you had to tell them who it was and we back dated it to New Year’s Day. I’m in I thought and then had to admit to my mate that the morning of New Year’s Day I went into his bedroom and encouraged the girl he slept with that night into my bed. Score 1 all. No shame. She was cute. 

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