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The next 10 years continued



I won the competition 

1 mate met his eventual wife

The other wasn’t as desperate. 

I totaled 12 girls in 12 months all different a couple I’d been with before and 1 each of my mates ex girlfriends. Yep I know. 


My first girlfriend did from time to time come back for more. I’d never turn her away and eventually was experienced enough to know how to make a girl orgasm. I think she may of taught me. 


The girls I was with in this decade some I worked hard to get others were ridiculously easy. The easiest was my housemates girlfriend wanted to come over to visit him and late at night but had a friend with her. Rang to ask if it was ok if she cane over with her friend and I could fuck her. Ok sure so I did. She was a big girl but hey good fun. 

Another was I’d move out of and away from town of said house and a girl had moved in. I’d come back to visit and needed somewhere to stay. Apparently it was ok to share her bed but nothing more.  Challenge accepted. Turns out wasn’t a challenge at all. We slept together a few times after that. 

Another revisit from the first girlfriend and of for some car sex and kinky chat.. I asked her if she’d slide down onto the gear lever of my car as I watched and she did. Wow. I liked that a lot. A lasting memory. 


All the while I still liked looking at cocks and pussy when I could access porn magazines. Remember pre internet. I never discussed this fascination with anybody and I remember being with 3 mates and seeing something on tv saying 1 in 4 males have at least thought about male male sex and we all jokingly pointed to our best dressed buddy. But I knew it was me. 


I had been in a couple of sex shops but only ever bought straight hard core mags so I could see it all. Eventually I got the ‘balls’ to buy a gay mag and I liked it. I spent a lot of time looking at that magazine 


Having said that, I’m not attracted to guys just fascinated but cocks balls butts and sex. Same to this day. 


My tally late in the decade was into the 30’s is that a lot..? I don’t know. But I decided to take a trip to the big city and phone and ad for a guy.. yes a guy to come and massage me. I was nervous despite some Dutch courage but we undressed and I seen a semi hard guy in real life for the first time and I wasn’t offended. He did ask me why and I told him that I was curious. So we layed together, him helping me fumble around. I will always remember that first touch of his semi hard cock. He encouraged me to rub him and then started to push my head towards it. I needed that and enjoyed sucking him. I jerked him of until he came and I sent him on his way. I didn’t cum with him but I certainly did re living it after he left. 


I moved into a new job and made new friends. One in particular liked to tell intimate stories to me about his wife. Telling me how him and another mate used to fuck her together. This was a huge turn on, she looked ok. Eventually he asked me to fuck her with him but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wish I did although I know it would be strictly heterosexual threesone. 

Ahe however was determined so got permission from him to come and fuck me anyway. That was fun but kinda awkward. The closest we came to a threesome was ducking her in the next room. Eventually she started sneaking around 


then we got married. 


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