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Wife 1



My mate shared her with me.. I took her away and married her. 


She loved sex.. she was a dirty girl and insisted on sex almost daily. That much sex leads to experimentation


We had sex anywhere and anytime.. outdoors in public albeit under the cover of darkness was always fun. Using whatever I could find even slightly dick shaped a was able to push inside her. I enjoyed that. A few she was one who insisted often on anal sex if for whatever reason the front door was closed. 


I kept my interest in penis a secret still. She was a loose canon although we did experiment a little, I enjoyed wearing her panties and she was ok with that. I liked it when I came in her mouth and she pushed it into mine. And she never questioned, out loud anyway, my sexuality. 


The fact that that she had been involved in threesomes in the past excited me so I enjoyed getting her to talk about it. Getting her to talk about the big cocks she’s had. Getting her to tell me about the guys she’d like to fuck. One day she mentioned our doctor and on internal examinations she got very turned on and wet but nothing ever happened. 


I did encourage her her to be flirty and wear very revealing clothes around a mate but once again nothing more happened. I guess I didn’t quite push it.


She eventually ran ran off with another guy and that’s fine we were both ready for the next chapter. 


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