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Wife 2 and between



Wife 1 gone.. turns out that now I’m a bit older and although I now know what I’m doing and what I like. Chicks weren’t throwing themselves at me as much and the ones that did were for different reasons. 




i used to to work with your wife, she was a cow so how about it. Hmmm ok sure. 


This now was early internet and broadband.  Porn everywhere. I now had the ability to flirt with people anonymously all over the world. I found that there were sites for gay/bi/curious guys like me and was able to express my curiousness with like minded guys and perv at more penis and more pussy. I really enjoyed my cyber fun and guys liked chatting with me. 


I just remembered something I used to do which should of been earlier. pre or early internet time I used to frequent public toilets and look for messages. I was never going to act or ring them but I was curious and excited. 


Chatting away on gay contact sites you could narrow the search to locals. One thing I haven’t made clear is I lived in a country town of less than 25,000 people so kinda small. Some locals were kinda pushy I wasn’t into that. One local I got talking to was friendly and revealed quite a bit about himself. Like the fact that he was gay but married, where he worked etc. OMG I knew who he was.. I was very very excited, I revealed to him I knew who he was but I would definitely keep it a secret. I did and still do.. more later. He was disappointed I didn’t reveal myself and that I wouldn’t meet him. 


I met met a girl interstate online we eventually met after much cyber and phone sex fun and she was a very horny girl who had some specific quirks. Although she was very experienced and loved anal said I was the first to ever cum in her butt. She also liked to be fingered vigorously from behind on all fours. A fun girl but to far away. 


After a a few more one nighters of no particular note. The internet and my curiosity got the better of me and after chatting to a guy for a few weeks I agreed to meet him. Now we talked about what we could try before we met and what I think I might like. 


I had told plenty of people people online that I’d like to try receiving or bottom and he knew that.. we discussed and agreed that I wasn’t quite ready. He asked if I’d kiss and I said probably not. 


I drove to to his place and knocked on his door shaking with nerves. I sat on his two seater lounge thinking he’d sit with me.. he didn’t. We chatted and him sending my obvious nerves asked what do I want to do? Do I want to leave? I said no let’s go to your bedroom. We undressed and got on the bed face to face cock to cock.. we cuddled and I was rock hard, we stroked each other and then... kissed it was weird because of a tiny bit of stubble but it felt right. No regrets. We sucked each other and the rest is a bit of a blur. I’m sure we jerked each other to orgasm and after a little while I left. 




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Gay doesn't interest me but if it did this seems to be the best way. Thanks for sharing everything.

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On 09/05/2019 at 7:50 PM, bushmaster said:

Gay doesn't interest me but if it did this seems to be the best way. Thanks for sharing everything.

Hey Bushmaster thanks for reading. I wasn’t sure if anyone was interested but I thought I’d write anyway. 

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Am interesting read lucky thanks.


I used to write things on my mind like this in my blog and the old pp format had a view count for each blog post....


...so I could see that although nobody was commenting, plenty were reading. It also showed that anytime I mentioned gay or cross-dressing experience nobody cared - but if it was a TS experience I'd get heaps of views and (at least) some comments.


Anyhoo, good luck with it all

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Have you tried having a TS experience I think you would enjoy it

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On 22/05/2019 at 10:00 PM, GP23 said:

Have you tried having a TS experience I think you would enjoy it

No I haven’t but I have thought about it a lot. Definitely interested. 

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