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Wife 2 now and the RnT



Eventually I did meet wife number 2, she was 5 years older and right for me.. sexually she new what she liked and didn’t mind making noise and being fun in the bedroom. 

I did enjoy the noises she made while sucking my cock it seemed like she really enjoyed it which did make for an even more pleasurable experience. 

She did have other fun tricks like holding her nice tits together while I fucked them until I blew up her neck and face. She didn’t understand the fascination with coming on her face but she went with it. Good girl 


once again my pleasure from hearing of her past sex life reared it’s head again with me attempting to get her to tell me sexy stories. She wasn’t so much into it. I then started to buy her toys her favourite was a modestly sized glass dildo. She loved the sensation and I loved seeing it in her but it didn’t quite satisfy my desire to see her really filled. 

I did manage to get her to talk a little about a hung black guy she’d been with which was very much a turn on. So I bought her a very large ‘life like’ black dildo. ‘To big’ she said while I attempted to gently slide it in. Fair enough I suppose it really was big, very thick, quite impressive. 

Then one day much to my delight she sent me a little movie.. a close up oh her lower naked body. Sitting down on the enormous thick black dildo. She had managed to take it all and was sliding up and down. Oh my, good girl. While sitting down all the way on the black dildo that was ‘to big’ she was rubbing her clit with what now seemed like her very small glass friend. She kept up this momentum until she started to shake and moan loudly. Great show geez I watched that a lot. 


We would have naked days, where from getting up in the morning we’d be naked all day together. In the backyard spa playing 8 ball and cooking the bbq. She would randomly suck or rub my cock and of course I’d enjoy rubbing my hands all over her naked smooth body. Fun times. 


Then came the dark clouds. She became very ill. 


Not a story for here. 


But we we had to travel to the big city for treatment. And lots of time to wander the city. 


Now ive always been fascinated by Asian girls and peered into the window of a few city Thai massage joints.  I found one and took the plunge. I thought you never know and got naked. She was very pretty and a great masseur. She was also very friendly and we chatted.  But nothing more was offered and I was far to naive and nervous to ask. I visited that place a few times, never asked but alway got the same girl. Until I didn’t. This time it was an older Asian women and her massage wasn’t as good but it was better. A more touching of areas I was hoping for more attention to my butt and up between my legs. This was exciting. On the flip I was hard.. she covered me and massaged more. More ‘accidental’ brushes and the towel slipped off. There I was laying on my back naked and rock hard my ok sized cock pointing skyward. She made the what I know now as the universal sign for ‘you want me jerk you’ yes I nod. Nervous negotiating a price and happy days. Goodness me what have I been missing out on. 

I think this girl was moved on or moved herself on and was coaxed into another place down the road by the same girl for the same pleasant experience on another occasion. 


My my wife passed away. RIP


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You can find some gems in massage parlours when you aren't even looking. Some of the best blow jobs I have had have been in so called legit placed when I have actually just been seeking a massage.

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@Lucky05 dude.. im so sorry to hear about your wife :( 
I hope you get through this! 
Much Love ❤️ 

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Sorry to hear about your Wife- she sounds like a real gem..

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