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The next few years



Well now it seemed I had a fascination with strippers and the pursuit of RnT places. I was relatively cashed up and through a lot of cash at strippers in Adelaide and Melbourne. I was a pretty easy and generous target but hey they made me feel good. 

The mostly Handley street massage places were much more miss than hit but hey it was still fun. 


One thing i noticed is that is that unlike the movies when a wife dies you don’t really get that endless supply of lasagne from the single ladies which is a shame because I do enjoy lasagne. 


One lasy that did contact me was an old friend from school. The cute little really smart blonde girl I had a crush on back then. She contacted me innocently about the up coming reunion. We got chatting and chatting and got to know each other quite well over cyber space. 


I think she she was leading the conversation to sex and my word.. starting with, have you ever etc and we’ll she certainly out did me. Showing me nudes,Telling me she had sex with her ex husbands mates wife in front of them. Showed me a no face pic of her and the girl with the double ended dildo. Wow..


Thay ended up separating and I got to know her while she was with a married guy she worked with who was promising to leave his wife. She told me of what they got up to away from his wife. Like her wearing no panties to work and flashing him. Daytime sex in the parklands amongst the bushes. All fun but kinda normal so far. 


Mince they went to club x and had sex while lots of guys watched closely and wanted. Wow hot. He found a guy who wanted to try cream pie and they fucked in front of him and after she spread her smooth pussy for the stranger to lick his cum from her. That for me was a massive turn on. I asked if she had shared her bloke with another guy as in a bi 3 way. They had done it but he wasn’t into it. She then asked if I’d ever considered a guy and unfortunately I lied and said no. So she downgraded the question to ‘had I tasted my own cum’ of which I answered yes. That pleased her. I wished I’d been totally honest with her. 


We kinda went our separate ways and both ended up with long term heterosexual partners.. 


funny thing is is there is still chances to tell her because we now socialise together 

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On 16/06/2019 at 10:42 PM, gangui said:

Good times....

Yes indeed 

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Cant wait for the next episode- does boy get girl one day?


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