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MJ April 09 Studio 54



After seeing MJ a few weeks ago at 54 for the first time in about 21/2 months I decided to go and see her again, this time on a Thursday evening. The opportunity only arose the night before so sent her a PM asking if she was working tomorrow night (Thursday) as I would like to come and see you. She replied within an hour saying that she would be and was looking forward to seeing me again.


It was now Thursday daytime and I phoned Studio 54 to make a booking at 7.30pm for 2hrs. The guy on the other end of the phone sounded delighted saying ofcourse, ofcourse but could you phone at 6.30pm to confirm, I said yes but I'll already be on my way as it's just over an hours drive on a good day to get there from where I live, so he says phone back at 4.00pm I should know by then. Phones back at 4.00pm, am told all good for 7.30pm.


I set out at 6.10pm and arrive at 7.20pm, the receptionist lets me in, I tell her why I'm there, settle the finances and wait at the counter while she goes and tells MJ that I'm there. MJ comes straight out, puts her arm round me and gives me a kiss, then the usual friendly stuff between us, how are you, what you been doing etc.


Now it's time to go upstairs to her room, I still can't get over how big this place is, into the on suite for the customary check and MJ leaves me while I shower.

I have a nice slow shower as I knew she would be a little while as there was a couple of things she wanted to do.


In the end she came back a little quicker than I anticipated, as I'd only just come out the shower, MJ's brought an OJ up with her for me, she puts it down, takes hold of the towel and starts to dry me, first my back, working her way down and then the front, given little mok a tease while drying him. Once she'd finished the towel was discarded.


She moves in close, presses herself into and puts her arms around me, now the kiss, that's what I've been looking forward too, the first kiss, long slow and tender with our tongues meeting half way.

Sometimes when you're standing naked in a room with a girl that is still fully clothed it can make you feel a little vulnerable, especially if little mok has got excited, but I know MJ well enough for that not to be the case with her.


She removes her shoes; I slowly take off her dress and underwear, now it's an even playing field and so let the games begin.


We retire to the bed; spend the next 15 or 20 mins just kissing, caressing, fondling and nibbling. Now I had already decided that she was going to lay back and be the receiver this time, so started to work my way down to her breasts. I give them a good working over just the way she likes it, (It's just amazing how rough she likes them to be played with, it feels totally alien to me, as I do the soft and gentle approach normally). I know for a fact that if my nipples were played with like that, it would kill me.


I move on further down to the Holy Grail and set up camp between her legs. I give that beautiful pussy a 15 min tongue lashing that has her being very vocal and quivering at the end. I crawl back up the bed, she kisses me and I lay beside her while she recovers; we have a little chat about one or two things.


After a little while she turns toward me and starts kissing again, I poke my tongue into her mouth, she sucks it in as far as she can and releases it. Now she puts me on my back and starts to pleasure me, starting with my ears, neck, more DFK kissing, while we are kissing, I'm running my hands through her hair, she moves up and sticks her breasts in my face again, I don't want to disappoint her so I just have to give in and suck them again LOL.


She now moves down for some serious nipple play on me, licking, sucking and gently biting (thank god), her fingers are playing with my lips and tongue at the same time. Further down she goes, little Mok has already risen to greet her. Out with a condom and MJ puts it on by her usual method, her mouth. She then sets about the task of CBJ, which she is very good at (If you have ever experienced a MJ BJ you will know what I mean).


She is lying at almost 90° to me, so I start to play with her pussy again paying particular attention to her clit, which she enjoys very much. After about 5 mins she says. I need to fuck, so she mounts me and starts riding fast and furious, then slows down riding very slowly and rubbing my nipples with her thumbs, she lowers herself even more for some more of that beautiful kissing. She now sites up straight rests her hands on my rib cage and starts going up and down slowly, gradually getting faster and faster until she says I can't hold on any longer and really goes for it coming a second time, then breaking out in a sweat.


She climbs off and lies down to recover again. Little mok has now gone soft, so she removes the condom and sets about bringing him back to life. Once he's up and running again she puts another condom on, we go for missionary and doggie and then lazy doggie. I like lazy doggie because you can still be intimate with each other. I'm gently licking and nibbling her ear, she turns her head more for some tongue kissing. We stay in this position for a while.


Now I'm getting hot as well, so MJ suggests we go out on the balcony and carry on out there. It was strange walking out into the cooler night air, a very strange feeling being outside naked, quite a turn on. MJ had put her shoes back on so that she could squat down a bit and make her bum stuck out as she was leaning against the wall, sort of standing up doggie.


I suddenly had a flash back to a time in a different era when I lived in the UK, was riding motorcycles, listening to heavy rock music and going to local disco's, you and the girl you were with, would sneak outside and go round the back for a quickie, you'd try and get it over and done with ASAP in case someone else came round with the same idea and caught you at it. Ofcourse being on the balcony with high walls nobody can see you, except the helicopter that has just flown over. He obviously didn't like what he saw because he didn't come back or maybe he just didn't notice I hope!!!


MJ's legs were getting tired being bent all the time, so she drags the massage table right over to the balcony door and sits on the edge of it, this way I can again penetrate and kiss her at the same time. (I'm sure if she could have got the table out on the balcony through the door easily, she would have).

One day that poor massage table might actually get used for massaging, you never know. We carry on like this for about 10 minutes, but decide to go back inside on the bed. This is when MJ takes the condom off of me and puts a femidom in, gets me on my back, lubricates little mok and mounts me.


She starts off real slow and lets it build to a steady pace, I can feel a stirring from down below and she knows that so she goes for it. Now with a femidom I get the same feeling when I come as being BB, that the end of little mok gets too sensitive to continue and I have to stop straight away, only never being ridden to a come before with a femidom I didn't know this and when I came MJ was still riding fast, as I came the sensitivity hit and it made be bring my knees up to her back and give out a loud Ah! I didn't knee her in the back or do her any harm, thank god. She thought she had hurt me for a second until I explained.


She gently dismounts, sorts herself out, then cleans me up. We lay the just talking for a while. Then it's buzzer time (or in S54's case a funny squeaky noise). We get up and go for a shower together, the usual wash each other thing, we dry get dressed, she sorts the room, finish our drinks and walk out down to reception, have a kiss and cuddle and a little chat at the bottom of the stairs, I say goodnight to the receptionist and then the parting kiss as I go through the door, a smile and a little wave as I walk across the car park.




Age 26


Height 5' 5"


Hair Long blonde


Body/Boobs 12-14 C (natural)


Pussy Shaven



Would I see her again? Yes


As I said before, I've seen her quite a few times, this is probably my tenth.


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