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Brooke April 09 Show me Fire



Called into Show me Fire and came across a young lady called Brooke, an attractive 21 year old. Did an intro with her, kissing with tongue and Daty fine, at no extra cost. That’s all I need to know. So Brooke walks up to the reception counter with me so I can pay, 1hr $175.


Show me Fire is quite a modern building on an industrial estate, with tinted glass frontage, open plan reception area and a central staircase winding up to the bedrooms, there is also a lounge area and intro rooms and ample parking around the back.


Now Brooke takes me up to the bedroom and does an inspection. With that passed she leaves me alone to shower. On her return, I’ve just finished drying; she buzzes reception to say she’s in the room and undresses, gets on the bed and beckons me to join her.


As soon as we are next to each other she starts to kiss me with tongue, this young lady is a very good kisser. We fondle each other, I’m running a finger up her pussy and gently rubbing her clit, she is very responsive to this with gentle moans. She is playing with little mok. I suck on her b cup breasts, nice suck able nipples. She gets a condom out and puts it on little mok for some cbj. She works her way back up, stopping to play with my nipples on the way past for some more kissing.


I work my way down, play with her breasts, fondling, sucking, licking, down further to this girl’s sweet pussy and set about pleasuring her. This girl loves Daty, she‘s just laying there receiving my best moves and not long after is starting to really enjoy it, I now focus my full attention on her clit, this is starting to make her squirm about with pleasure and after only 7 or 8 mins she explodes with a massive orgasm.


I work my way back up for some more of that kissing, a few minutes later, she climbs on for some cowgirl, she is leaning forward slowly riding up and down, her mouth is alternating between kissing me and licking/sucking my nipples. This feels good, so dame good infact that only after 4 or 5 mins I’m gone, little mok can’t stand it anymore and fires his first salvo of the session. She gently slows down before climbing off and cleaning me up.


Brooke lays down next to me, we now have a bit of a talk, fondle, kissing session for about 10mins. Little mok is up and running again so Brooke reboots him for another cbj session and then climbs on for some more cowgirl ( I don’t know what it is with this girl and cowgirl, I think I’ve already said it but it feels so dame good). After a couple of minutes the buzzer goes, so Brooke climbs off, takes the condom off and finishes me by hand.


It’s clean up time again and then straight into the shower while Brooke sorts the room, she showers while I’m dressing, we say are goodbyes and I walk out totally content.




Age 21


Height 5’ 2"


Hair Brown (an inch or two past the shoulder)


Body/Boobs 10/B (natural)


Pussy Shaven


Tattoo’s 1 very small tattoo on her left breast and a couple of small tatts on he back.


Piercing Stud in tongue.


Would I see her again? Yes.



I must admit when I first booked her, I was a little apprehensive, because the younger ladies in my experience have not generally delivered the type of service I like, but Brooke did (although the flow to the session might not have always been there, that comes with experience).


I have no doubt that Brooke would become a regular of mine if Show me Fire wasn’t so far away from me (I don’t think you can get a parlour in the Melbourne suburbs further away from where I live except for Studio Honeys which is in the same road). I will definitely go and see her again sometime though.






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